Mito company over 1 billion users will become a giant after BAT it? Sohu November 18th news: Science and technology science and technology chapter adjacent to Meitu Xiu Xiu started the MiTo company is listed in Hong kong. According to reports, such as the successful listing of its market valuation will be more than 5 billion U.S. dollars, which also allows the United States to become the largest Tencent after the listing of Internet Co in Hongkong. At the same time, the industry is still overvalued for the figure at a loss is about that can raise a Babel of criticism of, Public opinions are divergent., beauties in the end is how a company? Mito company’s core asset: massive user base in Mito company exposure in the prospectus, the MiTo company made clear that its core asset is a huge user base, and has been in the maintenance of user base growth at the same time the successful implementation of its realization. According to the chart published data show that as of June 2016, the community image and application of matrix Mito has been activated in 1 billion 100 million independent devices, Mito company currently used about 446 million monthly active users, an increase of 81%. 446 million what is the concept of active users? Micro-blog’s 282 million monthly active users, the current market value of about $10 billion; YY (YY) monthly number of active users is 140 million, the current market value of $2 billion 770 million; social applications unfamiliar street monthly active users to 58 million 200 thousand, a market capitalization of $4 billion 200 million; foreign chat application Line monthly active users was 218 million. It is worth mentioning that, currently only 8 companies with more than 1 billion users, respectively, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and the map, in which only the MiTo company is not yet listed, only listed companies, the market value of the most high is apple ($575 billion 500 million), second is Google ($530 billion 700 million), the lowest is Baidu ($60 billion 100 million). From the amount of users, said the United States is clearly following the BAT three giants after another big trend. In addition, Mito company’s user activity also continued to improve with its continuous improvement and upgrading of products and services. As of June this year, the United States of America’s core image applications produce about 5 billion 600 million photos, compound annual growth rate of 71.7%. This beauty, said: by analyzing the vast amount of data generated by the user, we can in-depth analysis of user behavior and improve our technical capabilities. Coupled with our relentless pursuit of the user experience, we have repeatedly launched successful products. We believe that a strong brand and platform for us to further increase cooperation in China and the world to lay a solid foundation for users." Over 1 billion and active up to more than 400 million of the user base, so that investors see their future business value potential and liquidity. In addition, the United States figure over 7 users become women, big data precipitation user behavior analysis ability, but also for the healthy development of its products to lay a more solid foundation, the construction and development of the analysis will further serve the whole industry ecosystem. [source: Dumbo] [far] commissioning editor:相关的主题文章: