Momalibing Jinghoujiayin Kewozi – Chevrolet automobile Sohu experience the first automobile Sohu [evaluation] the word "Knight", the mind will emerge out of what? The middle of the cold weapon age blood fighting, dancing in the yard or dressage? Or NBA to win the Cleveland, or motorcycle fans in the hearts of the motor roar? But from now on, you can add a bow tie wearing gold Knight — Chevrolet Kewozi on the "Knight" memory (CAVALIER). For 11 years Kewozi trial (CAVALIER), making for a long time, when the news? Although I was first exposed to Kewozi, but before Kewozi has been in the beautiful Wuzhen and the broad masses of the people met, so all the relevant part of the design, we have glossed over, more details can click on the picture below the static experience review is part of kosovo.                                                         相关的主题文章: