More than 20 big show will debut Chinese (Chaozhou) International Wedding dress week by Chinese Fashion Association sponsored by the world trend I see 2016 China (Chaozhou) International Wedding dress week will be held November 10-12 at Chaozhou stadium. From Chaozhou, Suzhou, Xiamen and other places of the strength of the wedding brand, will be in the current wedding week, staged more than 20 professional wedding show. It is understood that this event including the launching ceremony, the enterprise work conference, exhibition, business boutique Award Presentation Ceremony four contents. There will be 24 brands of works show, including TOM, DONG, Famory Hong Hui, Chaozhou brand 19, Zhongshan 2, Suzhou 2, Hongkong 1. At the same time, will also be in the stadium outside the square layout of more than 40 boutique booths, easy for enterprises to display works, business negotiations. As a famous marriage is industry base, Chaozhou took the lead in the way of wedding week launched a series of activities, will play a positive role in promoting and demonstration in the country, marriage is still moving in the industry from the studio era to the mass consumer era in the process of the industrial base as the core, the organization field strength of the brand throughout the country on wedding show the trend of China wedding, pass a new direction of the wedding of the latest fashion trends and marriage is industry to industry and consumers. According to the Chaozhou wedding week responsible person, Chaozhou wedding dress has entered the stage of transformation and upgrading, international wedding dress week held in Chaozhou, the garment industry to build a display wedding dress unique technology and cultural value of professional fashion publishing platform, to promote the industry to break the plight of development, has important significance to open up new market space. The purpose of organizing large-scale activities is to show the "Chinese wedding dress city" style. At the same time, to promote the brand to change the concept of development, and constantly improve their own brand awareness, enhance the advantages of regional brands, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the industry. Chaozhou is the only one to get the "late wedding dress China city" the reputation of Chaozhou garment industry, to add a strong color, reflects the Chaozhou wedding dress industry plays an important role in the country and the world status. After 20 years of development, Chaozhou has a wedding dress, evening dress more than 2 thousand enterprises, such as the emergence of a number of Guangdong Famory group, Guangdong group, Guangdong Jin Chao Lu karth apparel etc. the strength of the wedding dress, evening dress enterprises. Chaozhou wedding dress will combine traditional and modern, nation and the world, technology and art and the development of national cultural tradition and the absorption of modern multi-cultural. The Chaozhou wedding dress has a characteristic fashion, with elegant temperament, has become a gathering place of the world, wedding dress production, export trade, and realized from OEM to ODM, from the trend of follow-up to the leader of the transformation. Chaozhou wedding dress that gorgeous elegant charm, elegant temperament, graceful graceful posture, carrying all the hopes and dreams of many women. With the rapid growth of the economy, the concept of dress has been improved, the demand for wedding market is getting larger and larger. It is reported that this week is the week after the wedding November 6, 2015 –8, the first wedding dress fashion week in Chaozhou, by the high public opinion"相关的主题文章: