My hair is "lucky" special Chen Jiale Liu Yase egg sweet ending – Sohu Chen Jiale entertainment is "lucky" I look sad Liu Yase Chen Jiale stills Kara Hui hook Sohu entertainment news by Kara Hui, Chen Jiale starred in the summer "clean" lucky me "is coming. In the film, the legendary actress Kara Hui with his mother as the prototype, as cognitive impairment in patients with "Fen aunt" hurricane Liu Yase, acting, and Chen Jiale and other Chinese star endorsement drifters, two people in Hong Kong drift story caused a lot of young people to resonate. The film "city with warm" the warmth of the story also gain a good reputation, hot occasion, the film released the "egg" featurette, Chen Jiale, Liu Yase’s sweet ending so many fans shouted warm heart. In the film, the chef A Xu (Chen Jiale ornaments) and Hong Kong drift college Luna (Liu Yase ornaments) between "lianrenweiman" affair is a big thing. In the play, two people met in the community service center, each with a harbor drift of mind, in the ordinary and drifting life slowly open their hearts to each other. Two people are also quite spark in the drama, many viewers said that Chen Jiale and Liu Yase are CP, the emotional line level, there are a lot of people smile details. In the release of the "egg" featurette, A Xu Trinidad pursuit of love, in my house downstairs to play the guitar and sing love songs, eighteen using tease Mei "skills, and with his finger against Xiaoyue to kiss his own A Xu, romantic yet humorous scenes. In addition, the film the gold lines also moved many drifters, "the personhood, is not you help me, I help you", "life is a different stage, no pity, only cherish the dialogue" and so on so many viewers impressed. In this regard, starring Liu Yase also said that she was working hard in Beijing, in the movie and played a "port drift, I believe that many young people can feel that this movie is to remind you, in the outside world is not easy, but don’t ignore the treasure and family." It is reported that the film is "lucky me" from the land of the times (Beijing) Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Film Distribution Co. Ltd., emperor emperor motion pictures (Beijing) Ltd., Wuxi photosynthetic Pictures Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, blue ocean Entertainment Limited system, issue the movie King (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (Tianjin, Huace pictures) Limited jointly issued, is currently the major theaters.相关的主题文章: