The Nanjing national real estate fell 5 after the new deal into the new premises for less than 60 sets of Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ma Zuobo) under the purchase and limited credit "double limit" upgrade of the property market in Nanjing, in the National Day Golden Week felt unprecedented cold. From the data point of view, the seven day holiday in Nanjing, a total subscription of commercial housing in, is a new low since 2011, compared with the same period last year, a sharp decline of more than 50%. As of 8 points last night, online real estate shows that the total subscription amount during the national day of Nanjing for the 1304 units, compared to the same period last year, a total of 2851 units, shrinking by up to 54.3%. The reporter learned from the official website, on October 1st, Nanjing houses subscription amount is 497, then dropped to 158 in October 2nd, October 3rd rose to 285 units, then began to decline, the subscription amount for October 4th October 5th 155 sets, 150 sets of subscription, October 6th is limited to the purchase of the first trading day of the loan "upgrade" the Nanjing houses subscription amount to 29 sets of "downhill" yesterday, October 7th subscription only 30 sets, can be said that the performance of the property market in the latter half of the day can be used to describe the "dismal". And in the same period last year, the Nanjing real estate market in the National Day Golden Week performance hit a record high, 7 days to subscribe for a total of 2851 sets of new homes, is the same period over the same period. Nanjing introduced in October 5th is called "the history of the most stringent regulatory policy" after market "frozen" phenomenon is expected, but cool so obvious is beyond the imagination of people, the subscription amount in October 6th and 7, two days add up to less than 60 sets, 1304 sets of surprise, the subscription amount is since 2011 over the same period the worst time. Data show that in 2011 the National Day golden week in Nanjing for the 701 sets of new homes, soared in 2012 1696, 2013 1946, 2014 2820, 2015 rose to 2851 units. According to the supply of new homes in October Nanjing Housing Department official, Nanjing city’s commercial housing supply will add nearly 1 million 10 thousand square meters, with 1 million 200 thousand square meters in September fell 15.8%, involving 48 projects of nearly 9000 sets of new homes. Specific to the listed sectors, in six areas of "force" will supply 420 thousand square meter 3626 sets, of which the main supply sector is still the north, South, listed a total of approximately 264 thousand square meters, accounting for 63%, the supply of scarce Hexi plate is expected to have 430 new homes market. The two plate is expected to supply about 4221 units, the city accounted for half of the country. In the pure new disc, Xuhui platinum Jiangning Wyatt Qinhuai, Zhongrui Xinghu Mingdi, Hexi golden center Fenghua, East Yincheng Junyi East, south of green jade Hui, north of the city rongchuang Magnolia mansion and at least 6 pure new disc will bring 1480 suites source market. Market participants pointed out that, under the restriction of the purchase and credit limit upgrade, if the above supply listed on schedule, there may be an oversupply of market structure. For example, a new disc is the intention of customers in Hexi new brush off half, north of the new site in the customer "baseline" after the discovery set相关的主题文章: