Nanning Cloud Road tragic accident case hearing the driver drunk driving caused 3 dead or serving the vehicle and hit the electric car (picture) of contemporary life newspaper reporter Wang Si     correspondent Wu Yuting   core tip in November last year, Nanning city cloud way there was a tragic accident with the sensation: an electric car is a the car hit the electric car apart, 3 people died on the spot. After that, the driver may (a pseudonym) for drunk driving with this disaster. In September 19th, she was arrested for traffic crime in Nanning Qingxiu District court. Court, may emotional collapse, leading to the trial was interrupted, the court specifically invited doctors to psychological comfort. Charges of public prosecution on charges of voluntary confession, but she said he should not assume full responsibility for the accident. Tragic wife drunk driving hit the electric car May 28 years old this year, is the mother of two children. Yesterday in court, a mention of the details of the accident last year, may immediately trembling cry more than once led to the interruption of the trial. Prior to the court arrangements for the hearing, had been due to the reasons for the physical reasons, emotional instability, failed to court. Yesterday, the court arranged a doctor, on the spot for psychological counseling, to be comforted. On charges of public prosecution, may said voluntarily pleaded guilty, but she should not assume full responsibility". AMI said, the incident that day, is also the last November 7th morning, the Argentine husband drunk at a bar Long Lake Road, she went to meet her husband home. That night, she drank a cup of wine. AMI think they drink less, then drove her husband home. At 3:57 PM, may drive the car along the route Evelyn traveling west to East, when the car arrives in Nanning City Fengling police station anterior segment, suddenly counterclockwise swing, the body hit the middle right with her to travel in Wang’s electric vehicle. Accident caused by the death of 3 adults, such as Wang electric cars on the spot, the second half of the electric car body missing, scattered scene. Hearing the noise of the car, AMI’s car was far ahead, and she didn’t know how to stop". When she and her husband slipped down a look, found that collided with an electric car, 3 people fell to the ground. May the car front, right rear door, rear windshield was damaged severely damaged, the roof off, sitting in the passenger seat of the Argentine is injured. A loud noise from the impact of the wake of nearby residents, after the accident occurred, the nearby residents alarm. Terrified and so may the Argentine, waiting at the scene. The vehicle and hit the electric car (picture) for the driver drunk driving and speeding brewing disaster after police arrived at the scene, the Argentine may and taken to the hospital for blood tests. The blood test showed that the blood alcohol concentration may the venous blood alcohol concentration and the Argentine 113.9mg 100ml, have reached the standard of drunkenness. Wang and other 3 deceased blood ethanol concentration of 0.0mg 100ml. In order to identify the cause of the accident, the traffic police department commissioned a special technical departments to identify traces. From May to drive vehicles and.相关的主题文章: