National Tourism Bureau announced eleven Tour "black list"   multi – was traced to the Jiangsu window — original title: National Tourism Bureau announced eleven Tour "black list" China according to the voice of "news and newspapers summary" report, the National Tourism Bureau yesterday released the eleven holiday tour "black list", concentrated praise a group of the best scenic spots, travel agencies, excellent staff and excellent tourism civilization tourists, but also on the holiday service bad tourism and business units and employees, as well as uncivilized tourists were exposed. The "black list" covers scenic spots, travel agencies, tourism staff, tour guides, tourists five categories. National Tourism Bureau spokesman Xue Yaping: "Red List" on the list of the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, Chongqing, Hunan Dazu rock carvings in Shaoshan Tourism District, Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang and a number of well-known 5A level scenic area comprehensive order list of best scenic spots; Sichuan Qingchengshan – Dujiangyan mountain scenic area, Dongtai City, Hubei Zhuang er Mountain dam and other tourist areas respectively on the toilet the best scenic spots, revolutionary tourism market order best scenic tourism security best scenic spots and tourist service best. The "black list" list, the tourist and scenic staff disputes in Beijing Shidu area, safety, service and identification system, the lack of toilet dirty and messy Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Area, are on the list of the worst order comprehensive scenic spot. Xue Yaping: Jilin Prefecture of Yanbian province 4A level scenic canyon landscape pumice for safety management system is not perfect, imperfect contingency plans, the implementation of safety responsibility is not in place, the list of the worst scenic tourism safety and security. In addition, because of service problems, Beijing way cattle travel agency list of substandard travel agency; for tour guide without increased expense items, tourists in scenic graffiti carved, 5 guides and 6 tourists aboard the unqualified tour guide and uncivilized tourists "black list". (Wang Kai) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: