Network about the driver of the car injured passengers compensation for 120 thousand of the probation – bus driver about the small car platform dissatisfied with the passengers of his insults, and asked passengers to get off and beat passengers. This morning, Xiao Ming was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury in Shijingshan District court trial. The 28 year old Xiao Jia look immature, looks like a high school student. He has a job in the company, in order to give their children a better life, after the start of the small Jia Jia about car driver. According to the prosecution allegations, around 8 pm on December 24, 2015, small Jia through a network of about car platform software orders, a hotel in Shijingshan near the victim with a high. The vehicle driving to the nearby five wulituo Xiu Fu Lu, Jia Yin with a high demand for its abuse and a car on the roadside with his fist on the high of a face to be beaten, causing his eyes contusion, left eye orbital wall fracture, etc., later identified as minor injuries level. Xiao Jia told the memories, was a girl called the car, a total load of 4 people. 4 people are drinking, the middle of the next down to 3 people." Xiao Jia said he was carrying a high to his home, but insisted on a high road to take the path. "I don’t know the path," he said." Perhaps a high alcohol mischief, to Xiao Jia in the wrong way. He began to scold me at this time, but also from the back seat to grab the steering wheel." At this time, Xiao Jia is not happy, one foot on the brakes, requiring a high off. According to Xiao Jia said, after a high still get off and scold him over, but he was angry to give a high number of punches. The emotions calm down, Xiao Jia drove a high home after leaving his way to call a daughter to explain the situation to her. Later, Xiao Jia a high back, he will be sent to hospital for treatment. "The doctor said it was no big deal. I paid more than and 300 medical bills." Second days, Xiao Jia took 6000 yuan to a high apology, but was told the high of a serious situation, so he will be sent to a high eye hospital, 6000 yuan is also used to advance the medical expenses. After the two sides reached an agreement, a one-time payment of a small Jia 120 thousand, get each other’s understanding. The case in court for sentencing, the court held that the Justin initiative appearing in court after the Department of surrender, to actively compensate the victims. At the same time, the victim of the incident is also a fault. Ultimately, the court sentenced Jia Fan intentional assault, sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, suspended for 4 months. In the education stage of the court, the presiding judge told Xiao Jia, encounter things to rational, if set to drunken passengers, timely warning to avoid conflict limbs. Xiao Jia hear nodded, not represented in court appeal. Wu Qingyu text and photo J195相关的主题文章: