Ningbo 1 boyfriend love "to" girlfriend 350 thousand after breaking up the woman to repay the principal and interest of love, love to the depths, the money is small, but once the breakdown of the feelings, what is love during the accounts, grant or loan, will be somewhat indistinct. Recently, the court of Ningbo, Haishu, together with 350 thousand yuan of economic disputes. The man said to borrow the woman said to be the gift of this dispute is the plaintiff, the man, 32 years old, Ningbo locals. The defendant is his ex girlfriend, 23 year old girl. The two sides met in April 2015 to determine the relationship between lovers. The man said, the woman in love with a variety of excuses to borrow money to him in March of this year, a total of 35 yuan borrowed. In April this year, the two broke up, the man wanted to get the money back. But the woman believes that the money is the man gave her, do not want to return. The man did not have a promissory note, only 30 bank transfer records, he also has some screenshots and the WeChat chat. During the trial, the court asked the woman to prove that the 350 thousand yuan is a gift rather than a loan, but the woman failed to submit any evidence. The court has repeatedly asked the woman before I asked for 1 years, the man repeatedly charged the large amounts of money to make a reasonable explanation, the woman did not appear in court. The court sentenced the man to win the repayment of principal and interest all the evidence, Haishu court held that: 350 thousand yuan man call her to borrow, ruling the woman should repay the principal, and the bank in accordance with the benchmark interest rate loans to pay overdue interest. The judge told the evening news reporter: economic exchanges of love, is a gift or a loan is relevant provisions, the court judgment is based on the introduction of the Supreme People’s Court of last year "on Several Issues concerning the trial of private lending case applicable legal provisions". "Regulations" article seventeenth: the plaintiff only on the basis of transfer certificate of financial institutions filed private lending litigation, the defence department transfers of loans or other debt repayment before the two sides, the defendant shall provide evidence of its claims. It is this provision, which leads to many lovers after breaking up, with love during the transfer payment voucher, suing the former required to repay. Is the gift or loan will determine the court but if the defendant cannot prove that the transfer is both before loans or other debts, the court will only transfer certificate that lending relationship is established? The judge said that it is not necessarily. Two days ago, the Haishu court sentenced a case, the original, the defendant is also a pair of lovers parted. The man runs a company with a higher income. He sued former, gave 20 thousand yuan each card transfers money is borrowed, but the former that the money is the man voluntarily before the Spring Festival to buy a gift for her. With regard to the relationship between the two sides, the economic situation and other factors, the court held that the man gave the woman 20 thousand yuan does not violate the general sense, and ultimately did not support the claims of the man. "In the end is not borrowing, but also according to how much income, the plaintiff on both sides of the love time, the defendant can fight each other to give a reasonable explanation, between the two parties involved in money"相关的主题文章: