Ningbo will send 100 million yuan policy red envelopes, 418 kinds of products export tax rebate rate raised to 17%, the first 10 months, projection screen, tempered glass and other export products monthly tax refund of more than 80 thousand yuan, the export tax rebate is expected to reach 100 thousand yuan this month." Ningbo city qucheng import and export limited company accounting especially recently told reporters, an increase of nearly 20 thousand yuan, thanks to the first month the implementation of the export tax rebate rate policy. According to the statistics of the State Administration of Taxation, the new policy has been implemented for nearly 1 months, and more than 3800 export enterprises in our city have benefited directly. According to the notice issued jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, since November this year, the VAT rebate rate of 418 kinds of products, such as cameras, cameras, internal combustion engines, gasoline, aviation kerosene and diesel oil, has been raised to 17%. After the increase of the export rebate rate of some products, these commodities have reached the full refund as the foreign products, which is beneficial to protect the fair competition of China’s products in the international arena and improve the export competitiveness." Municipal Tax Bureau relevant responsible person said. In the current difficulties faced by foreign trade under the background of the new deal on the export enterprises in our city into a booster". The increase of export tax rebate rate has directly increased the export tax rebate of export enterprises. According to the Municipal Tax Department expects that the next year the city’s export tax rebate will increase by 100 million yuan. "The bargaining power of the enterprise is stronger, and it has more prominent advantages in striving for export orders." Many business executives believe that. It is understood that the new tax policy, imaging equipment and pump products will become the industry with the greatest benefit.

宁波将发1亿元政策红包 418种产品出口退税率提至17%“前10个月,投影荧幕、钢化玻璃等出口产品的月均退税额超过8万元,本月的出口退税额预计能达到10万元。”宁波市渠成进出口有限公司的尤会计近日告诉记者,增加的近2万元,得益于月初施行的出口退税率上调政策。据市国税部门统计,新政推行近1个月,我市超过3800家出口企业直接受惠。根据财政部、国家税务总局联合发布的通知,今年11月起,照相机、摄影机、内燃发动机、汽油、航空煤油、柴油等418种产品的增值税出口退税率上调至17%。“部分产品出口退税率上调后,使得这些商品与国外产品一样达到了足额退税,有利于保护我国产品在国际舞台上公平竞争,提高出口竞争力。”市国税局相关负责人说。在当前外贸面临困难的背景下,新政对我市出口企业注入一剂“强心针”。出口退税率上调,直接增加了出口企业的出口退税额。据市国税部门预计,今后每年全市出口退税额将增加1亿元。“企业的议价能力更强了,在争取外销订单时具备更突出的优势。”不少企业负责人认为。据了解,这次税收新政,影像设备和泵类产品将成为受益最大的行业。相关的主题文章: