Ningbo Zhongshan capital scaffold fire inside the building burned slightly last night about 7:10, is located in Ningbo Zhongshan Road on the south of the capital of Zhongshan Jiangdong residential building fire scaffolding. When the wind is not big, and under a light rain, but because of bamboo, billboards, easy combustion, resulting in 5 minutes the fire spread quickly. Haishu Jiangdong, the fire department rushed to the scene to fight the blaze, 15 minutes after the fire has been extinguished, no casualties. The location of the incident is located in the downtown area of Sanjiang mouth, next to the 113rd Hospital of PLA, and because it is the weekend, more people around. After the incident, micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends have rumors: 113rd hospital fire. From the public release of the video, the fire spread almost throughout the scaffold, lit up the night sky, many onlookers. Reporters rushed to the scene around 8 o’clock last night found that over a few meters away from the scaffolding area is the billboard of the 113rd hospital, but the actual point of fire is the capital of Zhongshan, south of the residential building scaffolding. It is understood that, due to the transformation of the project with Zhongshan Road, along the row of windows and outside the walls are in the transformation. At the time of the incident, no scaffolding and construction, and many shops on the first floor are off. Lin is a car park next to the staff, but also one of the alarm. According to him, the fire point is located in the southeast corner of the two floor residential building, which is the Bank of China billboard corner. The first round of the fire on the size of a round table, burned for a minute, the fire spread on the open, both sides are burned up, there is a security guard took two fire extinguishers to spray, do not have to use." After receiving the alarm, the distance from the scene of the first day of Haishu fire squadron arrived on the scene. At that time, the fire has spread to the West and north two directions, burned area of seventy or eighty square meters. Fortunately, a good fire fighting scaffolding, 10 minutes after the fire was controlled. Then, with the help of firefighters pull ladder to climb the scaffolding to clean up embers, the fire was completely extinguished. Daily economic news reporter noted that from two to the outer wall of the four layers of scaffolding have signs of fire, but fortunately there is a certain distance from the residential building scaffolding, did not spread into. After the fire. Many residents have closed the doors and windows, ran down the stairs. "Now is not afraid to go upstairs, there was smoke is water, fire roasted hot." Many downstairs owners told reporters. At the scene, several site officials have repeatedly said that when the incident, they have to work, no workers in the construction, it is impossible to have electric welding, smoking, etc.. At the same time, they noted, in accordance with the requirements of the site safety net is flame retardant, do so from the fire, otherwise the fire spread will soon be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. The cause of the fire, a police said, billboard first floor stores the beginning is lit, and the fire point is about billboards in the corner, if there is no external factors, is likely to cause a fire inside the fault line. For this argument, the fire department is not allowed. 9:30 last night, "Jiangdong network politics" in the official account forum reply said, "at about 7, Zhongshan road Chinese bank beside the fire fire burning some scaffolding, scaffolding and construction building windows, inside the building burned slightly, no casualties." The cause of the fire is still in progress.相关的主题文章: