Note the frequent cases of CBRC informed five of interbank bill business surging news exclusive was informed that the general office of the CBRC on the internal communications recently for interbank bill business inspection results, there are five major problems: illegal named authorized branches to carry out interbank business, branches of foreign contracts, illegal physical custody bills, illegal open trade account, to carry out illegal funds designated to pay. The notification said that since 2016, the banking financial institutions interbank bill business frequent cases, a huge amount of money involved, bad social impact. The case is mainly reflected in some institutions interbank business franchise sector reform is not in place, interbank bills business risk management is weak. Interbank business refers to the business between financial institutions, and interbank bills business refers to the inter-bank bills to discount business. Since the outbreak of this year, most of the bill cases occurred in the industry sector, rather than the bill between the enterprise and the bank’s direct business, so this document specifically for the interbank bill business bulletin. According to public information, the outbreak of this year, the bank involved in the case of the bill, including Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Bank of Tianjin, Bank of Ningbo, Guangdong Development Bank, etc.. This year, the central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission on the issue of bills on the issue of self-examination or investigation. According to the briefing, the China Banking Regulatory Commission survey found that the main problems are: first, the issue of illegal branches to carry out interbank business. Can not be carried out through the electronic trading market for financial transactions interbank business, the headquarters of the franchise sector to carry out illegal authorization, commissioned by the agency agency to carry out non operational matters. In May 2014, the CBRC issued the "Chinese General Office of the CBRC on commercial banking governance norms peers notice" (i.e. Banking Office FA [2014]140, hereinafter referred to as No. 140), requiring departments to implement the franchise system of interbank business, business right close to the head office and other departments and branch offices outside the interbank business franchise sector shall not engage in business. In April 18, 2016 issued the "Shanghai Banking Bureau office on the bills business risk warning notice" (Shanghai Banking Office [2016]90, hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai No. 90), is on the interbank business and the branches of the illegal delegation for specific provisions. Specifically, a bank branch in Shanghai, in addition to the entrusted office franchise industry sectors, in addition to the agent marketing and inquiry, the project sponsor and customer relationship maintenance and operational matters, not to carry out any business under the relevant activities, nor with the head office in Shanghai non licensees and other non management employees to sign the agency labor contract. Question two, branch violation of foreign contracts. When engaging in the business of the franchise business sector, the use of branch official seal, in the name of the branches of the contract signed by the branches of the legal responsibility of the main body. The problem with the problem, but also strictly implement the interbank business franchise sector system, other departments and branches outside the business franchise sector shall not operate interbank business. Question three, the illegal custody of physical bills. CBRC: not strictly enforce the bill transfer registration, a physical inventory storage system, bill discount, resale (repurchase) transaction parties have not on payment within the business premises by bills for inspection.相关的主题文章: