NX200T ARMA carbon fiber intake for extraordinary as if done by the spirits – Sohu car early in the 2013 Frankfurt auto show, Lexus will bring a stunning world LF-NX concept car. Advanced design, the spindle grille is huge, the doctor cut like sharp body, look for someone who is intoxicated. NX200T 2015, Lexus entered the luxury midsize SUV market, the launch of this car is the production version of LF-NX — NX. The body’s angular lines are telling people "I ‘m coming!" In fact, for us, in addition to the avant-garde NX sharp styling, but should pay attention to its heart: code named 8AR-FTS 2.0T engine. NX200T 8AR-FTS engine is Lexus’s first turbocharged engine history. This engine has a powerful dynamic performance and like a larger displacement of natural aspirated engine output curve. The innovative use of the world’s first integrated into the cylinder head, optimize the engine thermal management efficiency, enhance the response of turbine. Is also equipped with the first equipped with a new VVT-iW variable valve timing technology, and the application of the new logic, ECU and TCU with more smooth, the optimal implementation of dynamic collocation. However, such a scientific and technological content of the engine, still unable to conquer the owners of this NX-200T. Owners are not satisfied with the original power, want to upgrade the intake system, the final choice to replace the ARMA carbon fiber intake kit. NX200T NX200T high efficiency direct injection diversion design forced air guide hood can reduce the engine intake resistance, improve the efficiency of high speed suction. Exclusive outlet design using the concept of gas flow will be idle or low speed when staying in the hot air quickly ruled out the gas collection tank, solve the general commercial gas collecting box temperature cumulative heat problem cannot easily, effectively reduce the intake temperature and speed up the fresh cold air, improve engine combustion quality, is absolutely the highest CP performance enhance yi. The design of high efficiency direct injection diversion design can reduce the air resistance of the engine and improve the efficiency of the high speed rotor. Elegant minimalism of carbon fiber in carbon fiber gas box handmade gas collecting box can effectively isolate the engine heat, 3D relief words and lines neat challenge of visual sense of movement limit. Carbon fiber material with great texture after loading, the engine compartment is still simple as this ARMA high flow of carbon fiber intake kit, also innovative use of OBDII joint advanced, equipped with ARMA ECU directly read the original car, go to the complex wiring problems, easy to install. And equipped with the world’s first variable flow air intake system, taking into account the torque at low speed and fuel consumption, high speed through the ventilation system, a substantial increase in the cold air into the combustion chamber at the same time, in the shortest time, the hot air from the indoor ventilation. Carbon fiber pipe is the best barrier blocking heat input, large amount of cold air force play a good driving performance, and produce more horsepower and torque相关的主题文章: