Of a thin ten pounds of makeup?   can not learn make-up – Fashion – People’s original title: a makeup thin ten pounds? Can not learn makeup again this June July not lose weight only sad season, buddies have weight loss events on the agenda. Today Xiaobian take a magic makeup, can let you from the pie face mutation face, sound is not very exciting? Let you "thin ten pounds of makeup would face the flesh, is not a kind of tears of sorrow sense, can not stop the mouth and lazy body day dragging your weight loss, don’t worry, Xiaobian brings a magical summer makeup, the makeup as long as you take the time to ten a few minutes can reach" slim "effect. Finish step makeup is the makeup on, have a good foundation in order to enjoy top talent. So we have to create a beautiful white skin. Makeup makeup steps step 1, selection and color similar to the liquid foundation evenly on the face, pay attention to the main section of thin foundation. 2, dip a sponge dipped into the powder onto the whole face. 3, the front of the ear to the chin to repeat a scan. 4, with high light cream to make bright cheeks and forehead. In addition to the role of face contour contour steps, but also show the features of three-dimensional, and can also improve the "star taste". Beginners because it is difficult to grasp the scope of the scan, you can choose a few shades of color powder, so it will look more natural. Step step 1, bronzing bronzing brush sweep round big forehead. 2, dip a small amount of shadow powder. 3, brush on the paper towel dip, you can remove the residual powder. 4, the starting point of parallel sweep down the ears of avant-garde, the whole face. Pie face transient transient three-dimensional pie face face face face blush color can not be too deep, otherwise the transition is not natural. This makeup look the cheek red is very pale red, because face makeup mainly shows the face of thin and small, so a little blush can be enhanced under the complexion. Step 1, Blush Pink Blush smile along the prominent Apple muscle saul. 2, has been extended to the top of the ear. The eyebrows can show a person’s temperament and image, flat thick eyebrows the Makeup Eyebrow with popular some difference, is thin section, and eyebrow color is brown, and so the makeup of the brown collocation phase. Step 1, eyebrow makeup very fine eyebrow painted eyebrow, and filled the vacant places. 2, dark eyebrow draw from the brow. 3, brown eyebrow brush eyebrow brush. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: