Oh God, the domestic car was a luxury car engine car Sohu professor of this article in the strict sense in essence is not a comparison, because today to say that several cars between them there is no direct competitive relationship, but why should he have to pull together.? In fact, because they invariably have a feature, that is, with a foreign car engine. In the end this ism in the form of concept cars, so that they can share in their respective models of competition in a cup of soup? Here comes the professor to explore. Hua Song 7 price: 23.77-28.77 million for the 7 Song Hua brand I think there are a lot of students are unfamiliar, in fact he is the brilliance and BMW for the illegitimate child, was born with a golden key "baby", depending on its reputation and sales are not the pursuit of brilliance. BMW is said to be illegitimate, then how to get a little bit of the blood of BMW. Hua Song 7 engine power assembly using BMW N20B20 2.0T engine, this engine BMW talk to the fans can sit, had cut off six straight sword play axe is installed on the engine. BMW can inherit more than his engine, as well as the transmission is also the original BMW transplant. This simple and brutal use of other mature powertrain, the effect is undoubtedly the most immediate. Beiqi Saab D70 price: 13.98-21.58 million Saab is dead, something burning. This is the originator of the turbine to completely withdraw from the stage of history, although the brand has not only the regeneration of Saab Automobile, but his engine turbine technology still retained. Saab engine technology is famous in the world, is the automobile industry big coffee technology. Use the Saab Beiqi Saab D70 is famous 9-5 the first generation B205 B235 engine, this engine in just launched because the design problem has been a massive recall, but fortunately after 2004 Saab designed reconstruction of its the time to solve the problems. Saab D70 on the engine dynamic parameters can be said ahead of the same level, 2.0T maximum power 150KW (204ps) ·, maximum torque of 290 cattle meters; 2.3T maximum power up to 250 horsepower, both the maximum power or peak torque than the mass 2.0TSI to some high, dynamic parameters even encroaching BMW N20B20 engine. SAIC Roewe 950 price: 17.98, 289 thousand and 800 SAIC Roewe group abandoned the old Rover platform turned into Buick arms, in the family flagship car uses 950 Roewe lacrosse platform. The high platform makes Roewe Lacrosse 950 and has a similar lineage 85%, and in the gearbox and engine are used for Lacrosse powertrain. Renamed the TGI intelligent Disi engine is actually on the lacrosse GM’s new 2.4L SIDI ECOTE.相关的主题文章: