Old AI Kan shares: the fourth quarter of the market can be semi warehouse holiday period the sina finance chief commentator old AI [micro-blog] [lead] to choose shares or holding cash at the old AI half bin feast, back into the attack and defend. After eleven last year ushered in a big rally in the market at the end of the year, the same is worth looking forward to the fourth quarter of this year, 500! Away from the eleven long holiday only one day, you finally have to liberate the shareholders and friends, continued for a month of the light market is finally over, a good thing, moved to cry…… Won’t last a day what go up because of fluctuations, liangnengbuzu and long wait, will not rise too high, down there is no domestic space, nothing bad, have stabilized the outer disk. Although the national team recently did not support the market, but if there is something unexpected before, is bound to support the shot, this is a political task. So we have recovered 3000 points is nothing to regret, will still be in 3000 near the shock tomorrow, maybe in the above 3000 celebrate the national day. In the last day will be smooth ending towards the eleven, you can also leave in advance. It is time to choose the shares or holding cash at hand, it does not need to select, old AI advice is to maintain the status quo on the line, or can be said about half position holidays, back into the attack and defend, more flexible. A stock in particular caught, no need to rush in before the holiday resort, you can get the festival, waiting for the four quarter rally, the funds are not necessary to increase the positions before, can again the day after the layout, look at the fundamentals of holiday and outside the trend, to prevent the emergence of a black swan event. Even if it is missed, or have the quilt, this year the market slump for so long, we should cultivate patience. Will there be a market in the fourth quarter? Anyway, I think it will be better than September. I still believe that the main force will create a wave of market at the end of the year, the first nine months of this year the market can be described as bleak, since bottoming out in January since 2638, as of 3033 points on Friday’s closing, it rose by 400, from last year the end of the day to close at 3539 points, down 500 points just. A year over a half, actually fell 500 points this year, the fund’s performance is certainly not good, so pull your own stock before the end of the year, let up a performance ranking, this is their most important task in the fourth quarter. And from the internal and external environment, there is no important factor to make the market down. The Fed did not hike boots have landed, the global capital markets have given a positive response. From the Chinese point of view, the current fundamentals are stable, economic data recovery, the central bank also continue to drain, on the week of net invested 810 billion to a five month high, the money is still very loose, and to the end of the year, will only loose not tight. The only pity is that these funds have not been able to enter the stock market, most of them into the real estate, and the diversion of funds for real estate is also an important factor in the stock market weakness. Most of this year’s funds are flowing into the real estate, and everyone’s attention is also in the direction of real estate, look at the headlines of the major sites know相关的主题文章: