One hundred years of Changyu Wine Culture Museum collection exhibition held a large number of historical first appearance – Beijing, Beijing, September 30, 100 year Changyu Wine Culture Museum of cultural relics exhibition opened on 30, exhibited a lot of fine collection of historical materials, many historical and cultural relics is the debut, showing the hundred year history of Wine enterprises details. People from all walks of life and Changyu company founder Zhang Bishi   have donated a large number of cultural relics; it is reported that the Changyu Wine Culture Museum of cultural relics exhibition is divided into "early vineyard" and "World Expo", "old objects are divided into three categories, cultural relics, pictures, objects, paintings, calligraphy and other famous. Yantai Changyu Wine Culture Museum Lv Minjie said, the exhibition of cultural relics is mainly donated by Mr. Zhang Bishi founder Changyu, Changyu and future generations of older workers at home and abroad friends. Exhibition Zhang Yu collections of cultural relics carry out   these cultural relics include "Guangxu twenty-five intrinsic Zhang Yu brewing company continued to do from the", "in three years, Zhang Bishi of Nanyang Business mainland port matters envelope", "at the end of the Qing Dynasty painted Shanhaiguan Zhang Yu vineyard map", "Chinese Empire in the first year of Hongxian Zhang Yu brewing the company vineyards sale deed" and "1893 Feng Zhang Wen Wei Bishi three brother Taishou adults inscription volume", "Republic of China twenty-eight years" magazine "brewing" and "dragon jade bowl". In these cultural relics, "Changyu Wine", "university lectures, lecture learning technology problem" intern "Introduction", a sandy beach planting grapes "Yantai Changyu Wine Making company proprietary raw materials base of five year plan draft" and other cultural relics is the debut, Chinese donated by the first generation of female winemaker Changyu, former chief engineer Chen Puxian recently the record of some facts, Changyu Wine university. Zhang Yujiu Culture Museum dragon jade bowl Zhang Yujiu culture museum is currently Chinese established the earliest professional Wine Culture Museum, built in 1992. The wine culture square, a hundred years of underground cellar, integrated hall, historical hall, auditorium and other halls, with Zhangyu 120 years of history as the main line, through a large number of cultural relics, real, old photos, famous calligraphy, the use of high-tech methods to people about the history of the development of national industry China to Zhangyu the popularity of Wine cultural knowledge. 120 years ago, the famous patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Zhang Bishi founded the Changyu Pioneer Wine Company in Shandong Yantai, which opened the prelude to Chinese Wine industrialization. After more than and 100 years of development, Changyu has become China and Asia’s largest Wine production enterprises.相关的主题文章: