One hundred year old sisters after artificial joint replacement for third days will be able to walk yesterday is the deputy director of the Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital orthopedic outpatient storage soldier, but his heart was thinking about the ward, because he wanted to personally send a patient. The patient is a white haired old lady lovely, her name is Zhu Jingxia, 98 years old this year. Not long ago, she accidentally fell at home, buttocks, hip fracture. Coincidentally. Her 3 year old sister, 101 year old Zhu Jieyun, 3 years ago also fell, with the local fracture about her, to the Department of Orthopaedics and traumatology Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, surgery, walk quickly down, until now can push the wheelchair to go out for a walk, playing mahjong. The one hundred day old Mrs. Zhu injured in the sinews or bones, don’t want to waste time, so to find the storage soldier by director of artificial joint replacement surgery with the same as her sister, the third days to walk. When it comes to the replacement of artificial joints, we are familiar with the possibility of knee replacement after the wear, or replacement of the femoral head necrosis, for the treatment of hip fractures in elderly people is really fresh. In fact, Orthopaedics Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine began to try artificial joint replacement for the treatment of hip fracture in the elderly is early at the beginning of 2000, starting with the artificial joint is common, the past two years, according to the fracture characteristics of the elderly artificial joint special design, this technology in 2015 won the two prize of scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang province. Also got the national patent. So far, they have more than 1000 hip fracture replacement of artificial joints. The traditional method of treatment of fracture is fixed with screw and steel plate, but the old bones are crisp, fixed more difficult, the average bed 3 ~ 6 weeks down, because the elderly during special physical condition, can easily lead to pneumonia, bedsore, urinary tract infection, muscle atrophy, joint stiffness and other complications. A survey found that 80% of the elderly in the fracture within one year due to various complications and death. Put on artificial joints, most of the elderly 3 days after surgery can walk. The soldier did a little investigation, in the home Washroom, kitchen, bed and other places people most often fall in place, so remember to non slippery surface, home is best not to step in. Finally, to remind the elderly friends, as much as possible, go out for a walk in the sun, but it should be noted that when necessary on four foot root crutches fall. Not a vegetarian, adequate intake of egg, fish and other high quality protein, calcium supplementation can also be appropriate under the guidance of a doctor, there is not to drink tea, affect the absorption of calcium. Reporter correspondent Yu Wei He Lina相关的主题文章: