Over 9 into the public point of praise traffic regulation Shanghai will be cured by law after more than half a year of traffic regulation, Shanghai road significantly reduced the offense, traffic order is also more stable. "There’s a yellow line. If I stop, I’m going to get 3 points. I’ll put you in front of the bus stop." Yesterday afternoon, in the Pudong New Area Century Avenue, should not be required in the yellow section of the line to stop the taxi driver Wang Qiang explained to the passengers. In order to alleviate the effects of illegal parking on the road traffic in April of this year, the Pudong Public Security Bureau will be 27 key sections of the painting within the jurisdiction of the yellow line no parking, no parking, and the first yellow line illegally parked "yellow paste score" approach, strict regulation of motor vehicle to stop illegal behavior. Traffic problem is one of the problems of mega cities. In the traffic regulation, the Shanghai public security organs to actively seek innovative methods, summarize the experience from the practice of illegal rectification, through legislation for traffic regulation provides normal long-term protection of the rule of law, make a good traffic short board. Traffic remediation for more than half a year down, the road is significantly less illegal, traffic order is more stable, we are more and more rules." Survey shows that more than 9 of the respondents to the effectiveness of the work of Shanghai traffic remediation work satisfaction. Innovative methods of traffic violations remediation remediation of illegally parked yellow solid lacquer painting innovation practice, now already in the city’s districts to promote the use of. If the driver illegally parked in lacquer solid yellow line section, the traffic police will be due to "Lane violation", imposed a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 3 points. Lacquer solid yellow line sections are the main road, illegal parking will make the congested roads one disaster after another. "If not yellow lacquer painting no parking line, illegally parked only fined 200 yuan, not scoring, many drivers do not care." A line traffic police said. In October last year, the first time the Shanghai police announced the year 20 illegal stop large, the top ten violations are more than a hundred times stop. Yellow lacquer no parking line, illegal parking in addition to a fine of 200 yuan, will also record 3 points, will undoubtedly increase the cost of illegal drivers, practice has proved that, by raising the cost of illegal to curb parking problems, and achieved good results". In the past, when the peak daily transport school entrance road around the road is often congested disaster areas". In the traffic regulation, Putuo Public Security Bureau led the school district group "parent school team organization", wearing a red vest parents volunteered to participate in the school, a private car to the school gate after the parents do not have to get off, the school team to send students into the school. As a result, the decrease of the shuttle vehicle parking time, traffic order has changed. Continuous practice of innovative methods for the continuous improvement of traffic continued to inject a steady stream of vitality. How can we make these effective new ideas burst out of a lasting vitality? The answer is to rely on the rule of law norms and lead. The Shanghai traffic from the beginning of the rectification of the legislation and practice closely. Shanghai public security organs formulated the "Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau on strengthening the city road traffic safety management notice" and other normative documents, launched 14 sets of "law enforcement guidelines", vigorously carry out the road traffic law enforcement training, to ensure that law enforcement is strict, fair and civilized norms, "carried out, to achieve the legal effects and social"相关的主题文章: