"Peach 2" ultimate niece will push the son system novice card booking | peach 2 area open the new round of "peach 2" in December 2nd will be the ultimate open beta, in addition to the nine open innovation content help game player game, game player who’s Datang system long-awaited will formally meet with you! Taoyuan world’s buddies will not only open a new stage of life, but also to experience for the first time parents taste, even more interesting is that the "peach 2" in his "single dog" game player or game player can also usher in adorable treasure falls, is simply not so beautiful, look at it together! "This round of" peach 2 release to play [the hoped for children "peach 2" system on-line] with classical marriage system of the one and only, who love the game player can be married to the matchmaker, in life under oath, by the love parade sedan wide and accuse, make all the game player can realize your intimate lovers. With the arrival of the ultimate closed beta officially announced today, the game will be in December 2nd full service on-line synchronization system for children, which means the game player will appear beautiful marriage and love crystallization, couples can also enter into a new stage of life, more people are looking at the game game player and his "single dog" game player can also usher in adorable treasure! "Peach 2" girls line [super adorable adorable treasure come form system] according to the official, the children will be on-line system, the "peach 2" the casual play, the popular form of social integration system, the real implementation of the cultivation system of children. From October birth to adulthood, to really develop the whole system, children will experience during pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence stage, each stage of the children will not only vary in shape, in the play and effect will be different. As the children of "peach 2" system is one of the key ways of the beta, and adult children can also learn the ability to become parents, a good helper! "Peach 2" line "peach 2" girls boys line draft [play] "burden optimization of parenting tasks in each" peach 2 children had the one and only appearance in different periods, and the method of raising children is through a realistic simulation of the detailed function, will develop into a system of children full interactive form. In the system of children’s development, the game abandoned the traditional complex methods of the past, the diversification of the work on the simplified. "Peach 2" Adorable treasure skills show dynamic growth of children in various stages of the characteristics are prominent, and the reduction in the growth cycle, add some interesting parenting tasks, easy to learn, through entertaining way to let children become more interesting, let the game player can use the least time and effort to develop the best. The children. "Peach 2" open "new round of carriage wedding peach 2" in December 2nd will be the ultimate open beta, there will be more new content to meet with you, the interactive space system, real social peach beauty certification.相关的主题文章: