People’s daily economic commentary: a new concept to product color – View – curing mode is broken, not only technological innovation, is the business philosophy of innovation, we look forward to the full flow of billing can be more widely used a lot of people have such distress when buying calls package, young people want to buy traffic, old people want to buy airtime. Although according to the traffic and calls the proportion is different, also set up several types of packages, but a lot of people at the end of the month, or the left a little bit or the left, the utilization rate is not so high. However, recently some companies, the obstacles to a lot of people, starting a new mode of traffic billing, voice, SMS can be converted into traffic billing, and voice and flow between the free conversion. The news came out, the entire industry was at. For consumers, the full flow billing can make the payment of the most effective use of the bill. Spend less experience, which is the most concerned about the user. For operators, the full flow of charges means that the long time of the call is a call, text messages to text messages, traffic flow calculation of the charging mode is broken. Behind this, is a new set of rules and the establishment of operating system. Curing mode is broken, rely on technological innovation. However, it should be noted that the implementation of the technical level of innovation, but more from the business philosophy of innovation. For a long time, the high cost of domestic telecommunications consumption, slow speed issues have been criticized. Hardware and software to remove the need to improve the construction and other issues, and operators accustomed to monopoly, consumer demand for less consideration is also a relationship: too expensive too slow, you can find other options? Lying to earn money can only earn a moment, monopoly can not defend the world. In recent years, by the impact of the Internet business, the traditional telecom operator’s existing business strategy and pricing mechanism has been far from meeting the consumer. This is not a package flow cleared, cancel roaming costs and other measures. But we should see that these measures are based on the technology has matured, the operator simply reduced figure, but also conducive to the public. Because of this, the novelty, it is particularly gratifying. Because it really broke the old charging mode, creating a precedent for full flow billing, we expect it to be more widely used. Although the road to change is long, but we see more and more gratifying changes are emerging. WeChat was founded at the beginning, and also the message to compete on the same stage, but soon catch up from behind. Full flow billing, and the sub charges are parallel, although just started, but firmly stand on the consumer position. We believe that as long as the traditional business concept of new products, the color is not difficult. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 09 August 10 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Qian and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: