Please let me help you, hold your small mouth please let me help you, hold your small mouth _ Hu Ling — written in the 2016 school season Hu Ling original, reproduced please indicate the source and the summer children waved goodbye to our school, a small table and abnormal excitement! A small table was founded in September last year the beginning of the season, a year, a lot of emotion! It was 2011 August, "Chinese Children Foundation", "Dream Fund" jointly organized by the Beijing nutritionist Club large children’s health charity activities, and build healthy children firewall "as the theme of the event, we establish a firewall is initiative consciousness, a source, to strengthen the" prevention first "the idea, as far as possible to prevent" Disease enters by the mouth. less illness, illness, ", rather than" disease to cure ", the event was first proposed:" nutritionist is a firewall, antivirus software is a doctor "slogan, I particularly agree with and out of pocket was invited to Beijing to record, video, and all manuscripts video and free to donate increase to the public welfare activities. The topic of my lecture series is: please let me help you, hold your small mouth! A few years makes me feel really is full of desire, skinny reality"! So pale to say I could not help children learn to keep your mouth shut and fortunately, from the beginning of September last year, I am in charge of catering to children and design recipes, really let me experience a "hold small mouth" honor! When the first time to see the children very happy to eat me collocation meal, I had tears: I did that so many years, he wrote so many healthy diet articles today, finally let the reasonable collocation of food to eat in a children’s small mouth, at that moment, how happy ah! Especially, a little girl was Doug, she was the first to sign up to our small table small customers, and beautiful, is a little fat, especially meat looks pretty face. But when I see her again this summer, has grown by a large margin, rosy cheeks especially compact, slim, slim and strong. Because parents are busy, her for lunch and dinner in our food, see her years of growth, I deeply feel: as long as it can help children learn to keep your mouth shut, let them have a scientific diet, make their health in youth and lay a solid foundation and the beneficiaries of life! The face of small customers – mine – daycare those lovely children, my grandma is the catering division, but the food is not less than the young people passionately devoted, for many years, a flower to toss their ingredients until toss to their satisfaction, conservatism is not my style. On the Internet or watching TV, as long as the good food, I will add it to our recipes. Even my husband have developed a program to see where the delicacy notes, a lot of food in children is updated recipes are recorded by him, I’ll be finished next week diet collocation. For decades at home no less tinkering with various thickness of pasta, although not professional, but also colorful, flavorfully, finally!相关的主题文章: