[post] iOS 10 or weaken the iPhone security Luo Yonghao said T3 production in Google technology – Sohu executives momentum for the conference in Silicon Valley, the new world, and change synchronization services have higher sensitivity of the professional cooperation mailbox on Sino US information and domestic science and technology innovation: info@ifanr Luo Yonghao micro-blog rumor: T3 is already in production in. On the occasion of the upcoming release of the next generation flagship phone, hammer technology once again boarded the headlines. For the spread of online news about the loss of the hammer, Luo Yonghao made a response on micro-blog. In response to the rumors in addition to refute, but also revealed that the T3 conference is likely to be held in Shanghai, and T3 has been in mass production phase. Alibaba Cai Chongxin comment Jingdong: we do not put it too much on the heart. Recently, the vice chairman of the board of directors of the group Alibaba Cai Chongxin accepted the media interview with Information The, in an interview with Cai Chongxin mentioned on the growth of their business confidence and perceptions of Jingdong and Tencent. First he confidently said he put forward last year, Ali revenue growth is higher than that of GMV (business platform total turnover) growth has been achieved, and then on the Jingdong said the Jingdong is not really competitors. Ali scale is six or seven times the weight of Jingdong, and said, we do not have much confidence on them, very happy to compete with them". As for Tencent, Cai Chongxin admitted that the opponent is much more difficult. But he immediately said that Tencent in the ability to collect data and configuration, weaker than ali. Silicon Valley news Snapchat changed its name to Snap Inc, and released a smart glasses. Two days ago, burn after reading social software Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel announced that the company name will be renamed Snap Inc Snapchat. This change is considered part of the company’s strategic adjustment in the future it will be outside the software business action. The announced renamed at the same time, Snapchat also released a product called Spectacles smart glasses, it is equipped with a button press after will be able to shoot up to 10 seconds of video, and equipped with the glasses on the camera with a wide angle lens 115 degrees of vision. Spectacles is considered to be the starting point for Snapchat to extend from software business to hardware business. Google executives: October 4th conference will be very significant. The day before, Google has officially announced the new conference will be held in San Francisco in October 4th, this Google not only released a video online publicity preheating, also under the. But not enough, Google executives Hiroshi Lockheimer also released news on the Twitter相关的主题文章: