Post: Europa League Manchester 1-2 negative Jeremy leg tendon injury closed for at least 2 weeks Happy birthday! Today’s birthday: famous Portuguese star: Lewis Figo (44 years old) today in history: November 4, 1980, "baseball king Wang Zhenzhi retired.   the Europa League – Rooney scored Pogba back injury can be united 1-2 negative details of > > 02:00; November 4th Beijing time (Turkey local time 3 21:00), 201617 Europa League fourth game group A a focus on war competition, Manchester United away 1 2 lost to Feneba Moussa and cut cable Lons has scored, Pogba Rooney pulled one back injury. Farenair Pace – Manchester United 1 points into second groups.   European Union – top goalkeeper flapping point inter coach the younger brother of the first show was reversed 1-2 details > > 5 ball B alone in the Europa League – Feng Ba 5-3 win Rome 4-2 lead > >   details; shame! Crazy injury will break the book ho to take at least 2 weeks left hamstring injury details > > Beijing; November 4th, Broolyn nets announced today that their starting point guard Jeremy Lin left hamstring strain will be out for at least two weeks because of.   24 hours without exposure sponsors and Yi Guangdong for customized shoes details > > Beijing time on November 3rd, from Yi Jianlian stadium shoes storm has passed for a whole day, but the event is still in continuous fermentation. 3 pm, China Basketball Association announced for Yi Jianlian suspended for one game, subtract the club funds 50 thousand yuan ticket. And on the evening of 3, CCTV basketball reporter Liu Jia in his personal micro-blog broke the news: as a league sponsor of the Lining and did not contact the Arab League and the Guangdong club.   God has been pregnant TT exposure efficiency! Kohler summer celebrate the two sub life details > > November 4th Beijing time, according to the American gossip media reports, the first child Cleveland center Tristan Thompson and socialite girlfriend Kardashian Kohler will usher in their.   the first warrior kill no regrets remarks: 6 years ago who is not young? Details > > November 4th Beijing time, according to YAHOO sports reported that the summer of 2010, Kevin Durant was innuendo on twitter Lebron James joining Miami’s decision, and this is due to Durant in the summer the warriors decided by one of the main reasons why questioned. Recently, Durant said in an interview that six years time will change a person’s views, but he did not regret those words said.   rich media exposure on Hong Kong and Portugal! Boas has opened negotiations on 12 million euros a year details > > according to "record" and a number of reports in Portugal, Shanghai port intends to replace Erickson with the Portuguese coach Boas, Boas served as the team’s new coach. Erickson has had a frustrating season,;相关的主题文章: