Pregnancy is not clap, don’t die? This is the year of health – Sohu encountered third pregnant women, let the doctor speechless. Pregnant belly pain at night to see an emergency, a history said the pain for a few days, a burst of contractions, 35 minutes at a time, check the palace mouth, opened more than three cm, the amniotic sac up there. Miao looked at the check of the brother, there is no risk factors, directly asked: "a few days ago, there is no room?" Pregnant women do not feel comfortable without answer, face the husband said: "the same ah, Baidu said this week the number again?! To avoid the first three after two, we are now more than six months pregnant, can it?" Miao brother think: "Baidu? Baidu said the same common posture has seventy-four kinds, and I to the sea for eight years, until now only master two words, Baidu can be trusted?" This idea can not tell him, lest he be ridiculed. Miao brother asked: "you go is not wearing a condom?" Husband plausibly: "is pregnant, but also with what condoms?" Miao brother looked at him: "this baby, basically lose, the cause is very simple, you do not wear condoms during intercourse, semen directly into the vagina. Semen contains a lot of prostaglandins, cervical softening, induced contractions. You have not failed to timely medical treatment, semen cleaning and inhibiting uterine contractions, now the baby will come out, so small, is estimated to be less than 800 grams, treatment cost, poor prognosis." Miao brother don’t understand love talk around the circle, hit the nail on the head, a few words clear truth. Husband rose red face, looked down at his wife, his wife lying on the bed, two lines of tears along the cheek. Intercourse during pregnancy okay in the end, if it is ordinary patients, Miao brother said: first, so during pregnancy again, clearly written textbooks: for the health of the pregnant woman, and not to limit sex life during pregnancy. Second, the female orgasm, vaginal and pelvic floor muscle contraction, this feeling is like the uterine contraction, some pregnant women mistakenly believe that this will lead to abortion, in fact, otherwise. Third, the first three months of pregnancy and the last two months is the need to avoid sex. Prepare the rest of the time, both sides are willing to in the case, can be. Fourth, in recent decades, and did not see strong evidence of intercourse during pregnancy may lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes. If you are a friend, brother said Miao: please, your wife has been pregnant, you have to toss what she did? Let your stomach tied sandbags, being bent into a small shrimp, a stick kept knocking on the ass, you comfortable? Can’t help? Can I go to the news network? To watch "Miao brother story"? Can I go for a walk? Can go on a line? Can you give me a blood? What? Not afraid of too long shot blocked the vasectomy? Well, in order to meet your ideas, Miao brother suggest that you take a pack of napkins to hide in the toilet, to solve the Cang teacher. Remember: the small line for line in beverages, blow ashes to ashes. A pack of napkins enough, then buy a roll of paper. Want to go out about a gun? You all say that.相关的主题文章: