Producer Wang Sicong " reality to develop the game "   " materialized female " controversial – media – original title: the city will play? The players are all miserable! "Wang Sicong and update Hello! The anchor desk bed goddess "10 contestants will flip with four organs transport small window bed" face machine "Wang Sicong, producer of the reality show" Hello! Goddess has entered the 10 phase. The show began to attract a lot of people’s attention from the sea. As the first Chinese goddess Mami interactive form show, the flagship program broadcast and interactive concept is very novel. However, the response after the program did not reach expectations, there are users of the program and the quality of the program is not high quality, many of the programs set up more controversial. "How to play" the audience decided to be different from other pre recorded variety shows, "Hello! The goddess "starts for the entire broadcast at the panda TV from the audition stage. After the birth of the 10 strong, the more players need to stay in the camera filled with the goddess of the castle, for a period of 49 days of webcast. In addition, the program group will also broadcast content clips into each 45 minutes, a total of 10 of the best version show, broadcast on the Tencent video, August 31st officially launched. Wang Sicong has described Hello! Goddess: "you will be the director and screenwriter, you can about the next story." As a live reality show, the audience has great power in the program. In addition to the goddess can interact with the time, the goddess can successfully live down, we must look at the mood of the audience. In the 10 stage as an example, the top 10 players in the "goddess of the castle", not only 70 live camera players every act and every move black technology, there are many, including turning bed, ejector, table tennis ball launcher cream…… The audience sitting in front of the computer, you can buy to manipulate these organs. Accidentally, goddess will be integrated into the female nerve". Of course, you can also choose a hero, not by the authority to spend money protecting goddess attacks. But the program staff, each time only half an hour of protection. People who have played the game to develop the game, must be on the Hello! Goddess of the rules of the game is not strange, this program is a live version of the game. The top 10 players in the goddess of the castle and use of play, all have to rely on the audience, the audience can buy all kinds of things to love the players in the virtual mall, from snacks, bread, fried chicken, toiletries, hygiene supplies, beauty tools, everything. The audience can also dress up according to their own preferences and players: Mall provides workplace equipment, sportswear, cosplay, pajamas and other different types of clothes; if that is not enough, can also buy cat rabbit ears, glasses, sunglasses, teachers and other types of accessories. As long as the audience in front of the computer to complete the purchase, the goods will be sent to the player through a small window room. [great] "Concubine" thinking dispute? Wang Sicong is "Hello"! Goddess of the "goddess"相关的主题文章: