The company also met parts supplier disputes — car — original title: Volkswagen also met parts suppliers supply dispute     sources, as key components of two suppliers to stop the supply of factories, Volkswagen Germany factory, facing production, at present the two sides dispute continues. Volkswagen has strongly condemned the practice, and said it would consider to resort to the law to take coercive measures. But the news did not dispute the specific details. From several factories shut down or caused by mass of high cost is the 2 stop parts enterprises to supply Volkswagen in Germany Isaacson, respectively is the seat manufacturer Car Trim and transmission cast iron parts maker ES Automobilguss. According to media reports, the two companies belong to the Prevent group. While the two sides suddenly exposed causes of disputes, the Volkswagen Company did not external instructions, but that the supplier in accordance with the agreement to stop the supply of spare parts, resulting in the production can not be carried out smoothly. Two parts manufacturers accused the public in the absence of explanation and compensation in the case of cancellation of orders, and thus choose to stop to continue to supply the public. Two parts manufacturers require the public to compensate $66 million. Car Trim is canceled by the public order contract end date next year, involving an amount of 500 million euros. Car Trim requires Volkswagen to compensate for losses caused by changes in contracts. It is reported that the two sides dispute has continued for several days. Yesterday’s news reports, Volkswagen six factory part of the production line since August 22nd in a shutdown state, the Volkswagen Golf, Passat production lines are idle in the list, but the Wolfsburg factory Tiguan and Touran two car production will be normal. It is reported that, due to the cost of spare parts manufacturers to stop the supply of large parts, of which more than 20000 domestic workers in Germany will face the situation is shortened. The mass of the Passat sedan and van Emden factories to stop production, Passat production line to reduce working hours until Wednesday to recover. According to media reports, a spokesman for the public said, Volkswagen Golf will last about a week. Some analysts said that Volkswagen Wolfsburg factory production will lose 100 million euros a week. Net profit fell sharply in the first half of the Guangzhou Daily reporter yesterday visited the Guangzhou area Volkswagen brand sales shop, found that including FAW Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen car sales are normal. Sales staff said that the current joint venture brands are produced in China, and many parts are also domestic supply, so it will not be affected. In recent years, people suffered a lot of flow, suffered in the U.S. market emissions door before China market, a Sagitar "off-axis event that people encounter China consumers focus on rights, greatly affected the brand. Data show that in 2016 the first half of the group’s revenue of 107 billion 935 million euros, down by 0.8%; net profit of $3 billion 579 million, down by 36.8%. (Duan Chenqun) (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: