Push forward the "double" and "Chinese manufacturing 2025" innovation driven economic development — Guangdong channel — people.com.cn original title: push forward the transformation and upgrading of the "double" and "China manufacturing 2025" innovation driven economic development in October 13th to upgrade, Li Keqiang visits Guangdong Oupo Mobile Communication Co Ltd. Photograph: GOV.cn Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou in October 13, October 12th to 13, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang in the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua, governor Zhu Xiaodan accompanied the investigation in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and attended the 2016 national public Entrepreneurship peoples innovation week. State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Council Yang Jing, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Minister of science and technology to participate in the activities of Wan Gang. Shenzhen Bay Plaza is the "double" Business Week activities, the main venue, the convergence of new technologies, new models, new formats such as a large number of "double" results. Li Keqiang carefully watched the light monorail car, concept car, Internet and ultra precision mold material technology, laser holographic technology products, ask the technical characteristics and achievements applications etc.. See the young generation of intelligent wheelchair development, Li Keqiang said that China’s aging speed, there are a lot of people with severe disabilities, the need for more such assistive devices to make their lives more convenient. In a passenger workshop, Li Keqiang encouraged students are experiencing innovative practice from the cultivation of creative ability. He also asked to participate in the activities of the "double" platform in service innovation at the forefront. Li Keqiang said, "double" shows that innovation wisdom and creative power. I hope you dare to imagine, to become more innovative ideas. Subsequently, Li Keqiang presided over the creation of Chinese and foreign leaders forum. More than 80 creative leaders from around the world. Ma Huateng Tencent Inc, Apple Corp in the United States Cook, Xinjiang, Wang Tao, the German iF design, Wiegman Alibaba group Ma Yun around the concept of innovation and trend, the "double" practice about. Aerospace Science and industry group Gao Hongwei introduced them through the "double", integration of global resources, stimulate innovation and vitality of the practice. We believe that the "double" brings the opportunity to realize their dreams for all creative people, also led to a large number of jobs. Li Keqiang said, "double" is an important starting point for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, is an important embodiment to promote the supply side structural reform, is a strong support to cultivate new energy. Combination of entrepreneurship and innovation, will make the development of more dynamic. Especially in the vigorous development of today’s "Internet plus" era, innovation can take the "brain" connected into the thousands on thousands of powerful creativity "group of brain", in the wisdom of the collision in the birth of creative wonderful, can better meet the diverse needs of the supply, which is the great potential of the development of China. The "double" covering 123 industries in various fields, not only Small and micro businesses can do, also need to upgrade the "double" better adapt to personalized design, customized production trend of transformation of large enterprises. Not only to have a rich imagination, but also rely on the down-to-earth hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of the craftsman. Under the condition of market economy, enterprises are in competition相关的主题文章: