Qianjiang Evening News: Chinese soccer when self-improvement, women’s volleyball team is model – View – people.com.cn original title: Chinese women’s volleyball team is an example of foot when the self, the clock back fourteen years, now Chinese soccer striker Zhang Yuning was Chinese soccer auspicious baby at the age of five, he followed his father fans in the stands for World Cup in Japan and South Korea the Chinese team cheer. Tomorrow, he will go into battle, fourteen years ago began to step by step to achieve the ideal. September 1st is the day in the school in succession, people still pondering the Rio Olympics when the moment, many people are not aware of, China Soccer World Cup finals eleventh times the impact of the journey actually began, tomorrow is the first stop in South korea. Now the flood of information, but the country is low-key as a covert operation. Sporadic reports on the portal, said the Football Association’s unprecedented logistical support, full charter, accompanied by chefs, health care, generous bonuses. I interviewed fifteen years ago Chinese’s only World Cup qualifying the whole journey, already do not remember the bonus reward, but remember very clearly, then the atmosphere and now there is a world of difference. It is for the fans and the media very worried about China football is most carp era, also most player coach Alexander’s team are traces the media about the content, so China football anti fire security reporter. Then follow the Chinese team Asia media hundreds, and tomorrow in South Korea with the national team’s battle with the reporters only about twenty. This time each country foot to win a prize is 3 million yuan, if the final can move to Moscow, the total prize money is expected to reach 150 million yuan. The number for the non hardcore fans exclaimed, but senior fans laugh at. Even if you really can get 150 million, everyone is pre tax 5 million, for many of the Olympic gold medal this is huge, but for Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other super club players, ranging from six months to more than eight months to earn. If you really can come true, the Orangemen created in red net, on the webcast may earn more than win bonus, not to mention the endorsements come in a throng. On this tomorrow for Chinese soccer team, the biggest happiness is not much but the bonus There was no parallel in history. small, unprecedented pressure. May be had survived, may also be on the team’s strength has a clear understanding, it leads to the attention of a fifteen year low, this is not everyone’s indifference but is not rational, the team ignored but is good. Chinese’s past is a good top pressure fight team, many times in the only time step can be successfully used to crash. Pressure from all sides superimposed layers, players like the camel was eventually overwhelmed by a straw. This time, a very low degree of concern means the pressure is out of the question, means completely without reservation, this is their predecessors have never enjoyed the treatment. National football coach Gao Hongbo said a few days ago, China men want to learn Chinese women’s volleyball team. The Olympic Games women’s volleyball China situation, once and now Chinese football like no one before, issued to them must take the title index. No one looked at Brazil before the playoffs相关的主题文章: