Operation red envelopes stuffed, Chinese school trust relationship society everywhere unspoken rule – the new net – Wang Haizheng to have surgery, want their children to school, would you like a red envelope; trust relationship; some financial, is cheap, in fact, is money; trap…… In social life, the unspoken rules seem to be everywhere, it is frustrating, annoying, disgusting, daunting. In the face of unspoken rules, you are not from? Not from, in order to defend the moral and dignity, you could not do, and may even touch from the head broken and bleeding; heroes do not eat the immediate loss, but contrary to conscience, lost personality. Unspoken rules, the violation into a "rule" to evil kidnapping good. From one person, a thing, a local, spread to hundreds of people, thousands of things, hundreds of local people, forcing more and more good yield from — for the present, in order to benefit, in order to survive, even for "success", discard the dignity and the personality, betrayal of morality and conscience, one by one a small profit and loss of interests, gain and loss of morality. In the course of time, from less to more, from small and large, people from forced to become accustomed to it, even as the way is the right way, "not", "initiation as unalterable principles" feeling, the social atmosphere is damaged, the value orientation is distorted, moral and civilization are false. This seems to be the unspoken rules of the law of the human nature of kidnapping". The essence of hidden rules is that social values are distorted. In social life, everyone has their own legitimate interests, the so-called legitimate interests, is not against the interests of others as a precondition. To safeguard their own interests, but also safeguard the interests of others, that justice. Harmony between righteousness and meaning, is the common pursuit of value in social life, but also naturally become a common ethical norms and norms of behavior. A few people in order to seek their own interests, damage and erosion of the interests of the majority of people, in violation of the rules and not to stop and punish, but become aggravated, and the formation of atmosphere, violations became the unspoken rule. Unspoken rules of the so-called "hidden", because it is not under the sun, but secretly restricts the normal operation of social life. Public power and resources in the hands of self serving, even just a little, it can be used to rent, do not satisfy his desires, you do not matter. This situation, on the formation of a "unspoken rule" effect, increase the social operation cost and improve the efficiency, reduce the resistance, and a few people get rich, most people suffer. In addition to the public power and public resources, if different occupation and different industries also formed their own unspoken rule, unwilling to surrender to survive, and even become the unspoken rule occupation behavior, industry behavior, so by default, society will appear crisis: selling counterfeit drugs to eat poisonous food, make a holiday to drink poison drink, illegal sewage suffered copycat infringement, chinakayao by financial fraud. Selfish into harm to others, this is the unspoken rule of extreme results. Rule is a kind of social contract, the protection of public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of every person, and the order of social operation. A few people for their own interests, harm others and the public interest, should be community)相关的主题文章: