Home appliance remote control home appliances, food traceability, people.com.cn original title: home appliances remote control of food traceability Changsha evening news (reporters traveling) about the "Internet of things", maybe you are not familiar with, but it has become the world’s third wave of the information industry after the computer and the internet. August 26th, by the guidance of the Federation of industry and commerce, Hunan Telecom held in Hunan in 2016 summit held in Changsha. At the summit, Hunan Telecom issued a "Tianyi" plan. In all things Internet era, home appliance remote control, remote access control system can unlock, food can be traced back to the "past and present", crop planting soil can control the temperature and humidity, networking technology is more and more used in all walks of life and the daily life of ordinary people, everyone is being transformed into connected finite and infinite things human connection. According to authoritative estimates, in 2020 China’s per capita number of connected devices will rise from the current 1.7 to 4.5. 2015, only the main business income of enterprises in Hunan reached about 40000000000 yuan. Things change in life, but also is growing into a new trillion industry aggregation form. Network infrastructure is the foundation of the development of things, the China Telecom has the networking business promotion to group level strategic basic business, through the construction of infrastructure, build ecological platform, to provide professional services for the networking industry chain. At present, Hunan Telecom has power meter, tower base station monitoring, Changde Chenzhou Xiangxi Loudi Changsha two off a dangerous vehicle monitoring, Changde muck car monitoring, test vehicle monitoring, Xiangxi village ring digital broadcasting, tobacco real monitoring of more than and 80 key projects to provide networking services. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: