Running just to chase a scenic 46 year old woman 12 hours " super horse " win Tencent running camps: Beauty coach for North Malaysia (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading) Liu Qunying in the game in the 2016 "recently concluded Tianshan giant ring super Sailimu Lake marathon, at the age of 42 Zhuzhou’s Liu Qunying, won the 100 km super marathon women’s champion. Why did you fall in love with the marathon? She said: "running is to pursue the beautiful scenery." Running 12 hours, she won the super horse women’s champion Liu Qunying lives in Tianyuan District, home. Yesterday, she told reporters chatted a few words, immediately took out his mobile phone to reporters, she shot in the game of the snow capped mountains, blue sky, white clouds, the lake, and along the way to see the beauty of praise. "It’s a race from sunrise to sunset." Liu Qunying told reporters that due to the long distance race, so the start time is scheduled for August 28th at 3 a.m., the racing line after the highway, Gobi grassland, different terrain, require 17 hours to finish the race, "finally, I finished the game with a score of 20 hours 12 minutes, achieved a full seventh, woman group champion." Liu Qunying said that the ultra distance is two times more than the normal marathon distance, the player’s physical strength, endurance is a great test, every time after finishing the race, can get a sense of accomplishment, this title is to let me full of excitement." Liu Qunying said with a smile, although the game is very hard to participate, but when she saw the scenery, see their achievements, I think everything is worth it. Insist on running with the scenery, the unit has participated in the long-distance race, I was a chance to start running." Liu Qunying said that about four or five years ago, she began to exercise under the guidance of the friend, the beginning is to ride a bike, then gradually to hiking, swimming and other projects, "in March 2013, when the weather is cold, it often rains, cycling is not easy, I was at home in a few days if no movement, will be sick. So I decided to go to the river." After the first run, Liu Qunying felt relaxed, since then, she often runs in the Hexi scenery, two or three times a week, each time two or three km. September 2013, Liu Qunying’s work unit system to organize a 5000 meter race, Liu Qunying to represent the unit to participate in the competition. After learning the news, she insisted on practicing in the scenery every night, through a month of practice, running distance increases, the speed is also rising. On the court, Liu Qunying scored 26 points in the final results of the Beijing, the final results are not ideal, but the game gave her a lot of confidence, so that she has the courage to start the impact of marathon. Chasing the scenery, falling in love with the marathon 2 years to become super horse players in April 2014, I was in Yueyang, Junshan for the first time to participate in the marathon race." Liu Qunying said that this game is very small, she is the whole marathon, I did not want to be able to get the rankings, as long as you can finish the game has been very good." Liu Qunying says, she runs.相关的主题文章: