Rural pornography funeral strippers please disaster caused by flooding water "rushing" according to friends broke the news, back to rural Handan Province found that pornography in the countryside are invited most disaster caused by flooding water, funeral strippers "rushing", let the audience know the host play immediately, after the funeral, strippers jumped up. Striptease in rural Hebei Handan city popular, many funeral strippers are invited "fun", let the audience laugh. The host played immediately after sorrow, please jump up strippers. Figure it is reported that such a show of two to three thousand yuan, has become a kind of atmosphere. The existence of those died while the funeral and burial longevity in traditional folk China, the heritage of the so-called burial is included in the funeral it turn, please play group singing night scenes, but basically is play, like "Bao diaoxiao" of the traditional opera, but also has now gradually the families in order to add festive atmosphere and modern electroacoustic band and singers singing live condolences to relatives and friends in addition to a banquet, often arranged in the hall in poker gambling entertainment, in order to increase site popularity, to some extent also highlight for the burial of the family. Of course, this is done to outsiders, and the formation of atmosphere, the so-called contemporary folk customs. So basically the traditional ceremonies. Please or please and now the Hebei rural troupe dance add to the fun, have no relevance, it is in the base of traditional culture, social civilization and the bottom line of provocation. The contemporary folk emerged in the Rural Funeral has almost and traditional culture is difficult to pull up, wide social criticism of the thin raised burial, folk custom all kinds of wonderful funeral will undoubtedly be distorted this kind of consciousness brought form. From the appearance, one heart impetuous era gave birth to the farmer the psychological comparisons, they are unable to do other to imagine life planning, earn more money to establish an appetite for the status, they abandon the simple customs between people and people are forced into a mutual competition, competition for the long march: to build tall buildings, large, lavish funeral, wedding bride likes to do, try to change the thought from the family out of the face". If only change the form to add to the fun to increase the fun, with some modern forms of cultural performances are also called the atmosphere so, with no ground for blame, perhaps also helpless choice. But now we see happening in rural Hebei pornography and most are invited disaster caused by flooding water, funeral strippers "rushing", this is not a simple folk flower, not only immoral, even suspected of violating the law. As everyone knows pornography from the law is strictly prohibited, over the past few years, with the materialistic values of the society to the concept of the impact, some pornographic performance groups in order to avoid legal crackdown in the City show and will perform market transfer to the vast rural areas especially in urban and rural areas, and the result is sex in the vast rural areas formed laughter poor prostitute’s consciousness, in addition to a large number of young girls to go out in the "Miss", who left behind is also common in concept but can accept and tolerate striptease, including pornography, that is why in rural pornography spread into see相关的主题文章: