Salvatore  Ferragamo  launched 2016 new series of children – Fashion – Italy luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo bring its children’s shoes and accessories series Ferragamo Mini stunning debut at the 2016 Pitti Bimbo children’s clothing exhibition. Pitti Bimbo is a global exhibition dedicated to the presentation of trendy fashion and lifestyle products. Ferragamo Mini series mainly for 3 to 8 year olds, emitting a series of adult romantic style, while many passionate vitality! The series follows a variety of classic design such as Ferragamo, Varina and Gancio double buckle ballerine moccasins, re interpretation of the brand’s exquisite low-key and modern fashion, but more rich childlike qualities, more Mini! Ferragamo Mini follows the pure Italian brand exquisite craft, and launched a bold style of sports shoes and mini Vara handbags, let one family of different products to the arbitrary collocation of brand, highlighting the limitations of spanning the years while some interesting and elegant temperament, also the vivid "brilliant life" brand philosophy. Romantic elegant and lovely, the series became the perfect gift for the kids, all children’s shoes with rubber soles collocation super soft shoes, reflects the brand for the ultimate pursuit of comfortable, perfect for children’s play time. Optional sizes from 27 to 33. Cartoon childish make the series more with children naivete of lovely; classic pure color series is a perfect copy of the adult series of elegant, and parents can complete the parent-child dress, meet the children hopes to become small adults dream. Ferragamo Mini series of promotional films and men’s and women’s clothing series of shooting in the same period, showing a lively. The children surrounded by curtains, chairs and pillows play hide and seek game, very lively. It also shows that the Salvatore Ferragamo brand is committed to the promotion of a full range of products to meet the high quality of life experience. Share to: (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: