Samsung A5 (2017) exposure like apple or Samsung? Sohu digital [mobile china news] Samsung’s A series has always been the main design, exquisite appearance plus enough configuration, so that the A series has become the choice of many young people. And this year the latest Samsung A5 (2017) has been on the Internet before the exposure of the configuration, and this time broke the rendering picture, small series can only say: when apple and Samsung marriage? Samsung A5 (2017) will use a piece of a 5.2 inch screen, the body size of 145x71x7.8mm, will have a 3000mAh battery, equipped with Samsung quad core Exynos processor, clocked at 1.87GHz, shipped as 3GB. Looks like, is a combination of S7 and iPhone, and double glass + metal frame, after the glass cover is 3D positive for 2.5D glass, curved glass, with round box, that feeling is certainly not bad. Fortunately, 3.5mm headset interface is still, USB Type-C interface, as well as a single card and dual card version optional, running the Android 6 operating system.相关的主题文章: