School soup cut-off point in the "understanding" — Chongqing — Guangdong channel recently issued comprehensive guidelines for primary and secondary school curriculum to understand Guangdong cuisine, tasting and making Guangdong delicacy into class study in elementary and middle schools. Although there is no about Cantonese textbooks to teach, how to teach, who is also in the exploratory stage, but the reporter learned that many Guangzhou schools offer courses, soup cooking class related; some extracurricular school activities will also be Guangdong as an important content of Cantonese culture, organize the students to learn to understand. (October 11th Guangzhou daily) teaches students to cook Guangdong food, this is not a simple matter, but this is not the primary and secondary school teaching tasks. Therefore, as long as the understanding on the line, in the classroom can be carried out. Teach students to burn Guangdong cuisine, condition is very high, teachers to ensure that textbooks should be coordinated, more importantly, the school must have special labor skills room, for those students in small places "sparrow school", it is very difficult to do. In this regard, the school said, can teach Cantonese knowledge in the classroom, let the students go home DIY, back to school to share a taste, cognition, practice, tasting the purpose of all can be reached. This is a good way. Many netizens worry, the classroom will not become a mere formality soup. Obviously, these users do not understand the real purpose of school soup ", this is the form of the purpose is to let the students understand the line. If students learn to "soup", it is probably have the order reversed. Now the students learning task is heavy, and the school time also tend to be limited, if you spend a lot of time learning "look" it is unbelievable. School is the time to lay a foundation, the main task is not their learning "soup", but to learn scientific and cultural knowledge. In a sense, the class learning soup just to play the role of reminding, rather than let them learn. The "school soup" don’t think too much, don’t expect too much, think the school began to teach the students to do the housework, it is clearly not accurately grasp the guidelines for comprehensive curriculum of local purpose, want to have a deviation. The "school soup" to have a precise positioning, so as to correctly evaluate the students "school soup". Shore soldiers (pure Zhang Yi, commissioning editor: cover)相关的主题文章: