Secret Beijing diving SWAT: working under the water bodies were often threatened by growing crises scratch – a new network in the 4 5 6 Figure 1 diving underwater world threatened by growing crises. In addition to diving, divers also have to master the public security business skills. Figure 3. Divers wear equipment, ready to once again into the underwater task. Figure 4 diving team successfully recovered from the wreckage in the water. Figure 5 during every major security activities, underwater security rests on the shoulders of the whole team diving team. The map of the training space, players wearing a diving suit rest on the boat. Beijing water seems to be in smooth water, but the water under the mud and weeds, sometimes hidden key evidence of criminal investigation, sometimes sleeping or drowning the corpses…… In order to let you sink the bottom of the crime surfaced, there is a team of perennial travel dim at the underwater world, looking for every case related traces, but also guarding the safety of the waters of the city of Beijing. This team is the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Special Police Corps detachment of fifth diving brigade, but also the national public security system first diving team. This is composed of a total of 20 young men team, the average age of 33 years old, players from the national wrestling team, the provincial swimming team and retired Navy diving elite. Different from ordinary people in the picture of the sun, diving, coral fish, diving SWAT team members under the water "landscape" basically only dirty and dark. "A lot of Beijing waters of low visibility, divers down almost opened and closed all the same, what can not see, can only rely on two hands groping." Li Xiaona, deputy head of the diving brigade, said, "it’s like putting you in a completely strange house, blindfolded, so you can find a bottle of mineral water." To this end, the divers have explored a lot of skills, just search the salvage method summed up the 8, the players have to master, according to the actual situation of different waters due to the application. In addition to the difficulty, another feature of underwater work is high risk. The underwater environment is complex, poor visibility, construction waste, discarded water reinforced cement blocks, iron nails, stone, broken bike what, often diving athletes body scratch. But it’s nothing. In Li Xiaona’s occupation career, a car crashed into the salvage task so he has a lingering fear. That mission, the first time Li Xiaona salvaged a driver, the second found in the cab when there is a man, was tied to the safety belt, surrounded by all the wreckage on the pipeline. "I think the cab, the man pulled out at the time, but just a lean, behind the cylinder is hanged on the wreck of the parts, suddenly could not move." At that moment, Li Xiaona heart thumped, without his teammates, the oxygen in the cylinder with the most, "not just" hanging "?" fortunately, he soon calmed down, in accordance with the self-help methods in training, slowly off the oxygen bottle, break out. It’s always difficult and dangerous for divers, but when they hit the target with their hands, they can kill the snake.相关的主题文章: