Secret "money" in the past life you know? Wedding is the most need to receive the blessing, there are many ways to express the blessing, if blindly to the money as the yardstick for the new guests and guests may be a burden. On holidays, in addition to the "people", "car boom", the most notable is probably the "marriage boom". If good luck, a few friends and get married, "money" to make heartache, a month’s wages are not enough to fill the gaps in the balance of payments. "Money" in the past and the ancient times did not give money to the popular customs, people used to send things to newcomers. "Elements" also write "molecular", the old word from the middle of the Ming Dynasty began to pop. Tang Xianzu "the Peony Pavilion" thirty-third "secret discussion": "is the master du to go after a lie county government, people and many other people who have a living Temple", is an example, four fund-raising temples, an ancient disorder assessed mean. There is an interesting rule that "the money" originated in Zhu Yuanzhang. Grew up in rural life in Zhu Yuanzhang is dedicated to the utopian dream of Utopia in this world, everyone has the spirit of mutual help. The simple village life memory based on custom and blind people, mu, poor suffering, for marriage, relatives; the dead, disease, neighbor help (from the "Ming memoir"), Zhu Yuanzhang absorbed useful nutrition in traditional culture, established the "ritual" system. Every spring and autumn, around the country to every one hundred households as a unit, together, meeting drinking by the old man led the villagers of noble character and high prestige oath: "where I Tongli people, all obey the law…… The marriage and funeral is spent, with the help of force "and" the one hundred home for food and drink, do not cause extravagance "(from" Li Bu · ritual "). Through such rallies oath, cultivate the collective consciousness of the people and the spirit of mutual assistance. Thus, the origin of the money and farming culture is closely related. Force by one person or one of the Impergium difficult to do if a collection of weddings and funerals, friends and family all chips, each a "money", do it more easily. Moreover, this month, to help others, next month, their own affairs, others are willing to come over for you to raise funds. To the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, who is more popular, such as Wu Jingzi’s novel "the scholars" throughout all dazzling syndicates "activists" ". For example, twenty-seventh replied: "return to master for human, a member of". The book has ten chapters appear more than once "elements", some chapters appeared four or five times. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, send money into high society wedding held essential items. Especially in order to reflect the identity of Manchu eight banners, more attention to send money. Lao She’s novel "is under the red flag" is the description of mother to worry about money syndicates difficult situation: these wedding ceremony is so important, relatives and friends and we work is lack of courtesy, treason and heresy. The mother can not put the gift of this expenditure in the budget, who knows when to die, when is it? Fortunately, not catch up with several pieces of Baishi a month, mother’s financial form had deficit. Her not;相关的主题文章: