See the world: 7 months pregnant nurses on lift half an hour tired 7 months pregnant fetal head nurse on lift half an hour after the ground collapsed the original title: fetal umbilical cord prolapse hanging on pregnant nurse lifts half an hour recently, a nurse on the fetal head lift "pictures in the circle of friends scraper, lead users praise. The nurse came from the second people’s Hospital of Henan Province, 34 years old, named Gu Lin. He was 7 months pregnant. In the rescue of a burst of umbilical cord prolapse hidden lead to fetal distress of patients, in order to ensure fetal breathing, fetal head lifts her knees for more than 30 minutes. Fetal fetal heart abnormalities, nurses choose fetal head to ease oppression in September 23rd, 11, the hospital obstetrics and Gynecology midwife in the delivery room is a quasi mother delivery. "You’re great."! Good performance, continue refueling!" Gu Lin paid close attention to the woman and encouraged her with her warm words. Although 7 months pregnant, with a big belly, but like all medical workers, Gu Lin still adhere to the front line of work. Suddenly, fetal fetal heart abnormalities, originally stabilized in 130 times per minute heart suddenly dropped to 60 times per minute, and is still declining rapidly. Uterine opening has 5 fingers, uterine contractions are powerful, each contraction will oppress the umbilical cord, resulting in fetal hypoxia, fetal heart continued to decline. Fetal heart is an important indicator of fetal status in the mother, fetal heart suddenly means that the baby had intrauterine distress, there is the risk of hypoxia asphyxia. On duty doctor Xu Bingshuang, obstetrics and Gynecology director Wang Ruijuan quickly arrived, "may be umbilical cord recessive prolapse, must immediately operation."." The incidence of recessive prolapse of umbilical cord is only 0.4% – 10%, which means that the umbilical cord is located in front or side of the fetal anterior surface when the fetal membrane is not broken. At this time, the maternal palace has opened 5 fingers, uterine contractions law is strong, each uterine contraction will squeeze the umbilical cord, causing fetal severe hypoxia, fetal heart continued to decline, such as blood flow completely blocked more than 7 ~ 8min, the fetus may quickly suffocate death. Not hesitate for a moment, Gu Lin immediately bulky waist, knelt on the ground, will hand into the maternal vaginal fetal head, hold moderate oppression. The lift is very effective, the fetal heart beat fast like a small train like "throws – throws – throws" to restore the normal frequency. At the same time, mother was rushed to the operation room, Gu Lin half bent keep lifting posture, through the long ward corridor, into the elevator, the elevator, with the cart trot rushed to maternal cesarean section surgery between. The end of his lift more than half an hour to sit on the floor to rest at the time of surgery operation paralysis, ancient Lynn hand always firmly against the fetal head, the operation area to avoid pollution, deeply she leaned over, the head and upper body buried in the blue sheets under operation. From the discovery of fetal abnormalities to the end of the operation, nearly 30 minutes, the hands of the ancient nurse did not leave, until the child’s smooth delivery, the first loud and clear cry. Gu found that due to tension, heat, hypoxia, the whole body has no strength, sitting on the operation room wall paralyzed sitting on the ground. After the event, Gu Lin said, "there was no distracting thought at all, and everyone would do that. It’s nice to see mom safe and healthy." (Zheng media reporter Gu Changle communication)

看天下:怀孕7个月护士跪地托举半小时累瘫 7个月身孕护士跪地托举胎头半小时 术后累瘫地上 原标题:脐带脱垂胎儿命悬一线 怀孕护士跪地托举半小时近日,一张“护士跪地托举胎头”的照片在朋友圈刷屏,引发网友的点赞。这名护士来自河南省第二人民医院,34岁,名叫古琳,怀有7个月身孕。在抢救一名突发脐带隐性脱垂导致胎儿宫内窘迫的病人,为保证胎儿呼吸,她跪地托举胎头30多分钟。胎儿胎心出现异常 护士推举胎头缓解压迫9月23日11时,该院妇产科助产士古琳正在产房为一位准妈妈接生。“你很棒!表现很好,继续加油!”古琳密切关注着产妇,不断用温暖的话语鼓励着她。虽然已怀有7个月身孕,挺着大肚子,但和所有医务工作者一样,古琳依然坚守在工作第一线。突然,胎儿胎心出现异常,原本稳定在130次 每分钟的心跳突然骤降至每分钟60次,并且还在迅速下降。患者宫口已开5指,宫缩规律有力,每次宫缩都会压迫脐带,造成胎儿缺氧,胎心持续下降。胎心是监护胎儿在母体内状况的重要指标,胎心骤降意味着孩子发生了宫内窘迫,有缺氧窒息的危险。值班医生许冰霜、妇产科主任王瑞娟迅速赶到,“可能是脐带隐性脱垂,必须立刻手术。”脐带隐性脱垂发生率仅为0.4%~10%,指在胎膜未破时脐带位于胎儿先露部前方或一侧。此时产妇宫口已开5指,宫缩规律有力,每次宫缩都会挤压脐带,造成胎儿严重缺氧,胎心持续下降,如血流完全阻断超过7~8min,胎儿可能迅速窒息死亡。来不及片刻犹豫,古琳立刻弯下笨重的腰肢,半跪在地,将手探入产妇阴道,托住胎儿头部缓解压迫。托举很有效,胎儿的心跳很快就像小火车一样“扑—扑—扑”恢复了正常的频率。 与此同时,产妇被紧急送往手术室,古琳也半弯着腰保持着托举姿势,穿过长长的病房走廊,进电梯、出电梯,跟着推车一路小跑,将产妇迅速送到手术间进行剖宫产手术。跪地托举半个多小时 手术结束瘫坐地上休息手术时,古琳的手始终牢牢地顶住胎儿的头部,避免污染手术区域,她深深的弯下身子,整个头部和上半身埋在了蔚蓝手术床单下。 从发现胎儿异常到手术结束,将近30分钟,古琳护士的双手始终没有离开,直到孩子顺利分娩,发出第一声嘹亮的哭声。古琳才发现由于紧张、闷热、缺氧,全身已经没有一点力气,贴着手术室墙壁瘫坐在地上休息。事后,古琳说:“当时丝毫没有任何杂念谁都会这么做。看到妈妈平平安安,宝宝健健康康,就很高兴。”(郑报融媒 记者 谷长乐 通讯员 李伟博 文 图)相关的主题文章: