Serie A – icardi boom two ball + lore inter 2-1 nearly five round victory – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 27th at 2:45 in the morning, the tenth round of the 201617 season of Serie A focus of a battle fierce competition at the Meazza stadium, Milan international home court against pachypus powerhouse Turin. The first half, Hart attack unfavorable icardi accomplishment. The second half, giving inter line fault, Belotti equalised, icardi break to complete the plum to open two degrees. In the end, inter home 2-1 victory over Turin, won nearly five league wins. Milan and Turin in the history of the world to fight 152 times, scored 216 goals conceded 151 goals, got a good result of 67 wins, 48 draws and 37 losses. In the 144 round of the Serie A League, the international Milan record of 64 wins, 46 draws and 34 losses, the upper hand. But in the last 5 home games with Turin, the international Milan, 1 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, poor record. In the Serie A last weekend, the international Milan away 1-2 lost to Atlanta, suffered Serie A 3 defeats. Nearly 6 games, the international Milan, 1 wins, 1 draws and 4 losses. Serie A season of the new season, the international Milan 12 League lost 6 games. Turin scored 23 goals in the last 10 games lost the ball, to get the results of the 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses of 12. But at the weekend before the draw against Lazio, Turin wins in Rome and Florence and other teams 3 game winning streak. The players, the inter midfielder hole Shakespeare was not in the squad, and Medel elbowed in the last round of the game against Atlanta in Chur Tichy was suspended, Meiluoyin injury hanging mianzhanpai. Turin, Molinaro injury. Second minutes, Mario Eder after passing outside the area to choose direct long-range, the ball slightly wide of the left post. Eleventh minutes after the break, continuous endo pass area Candreva Eder left, after the point does not stop directly volley, the ball hit the side line. Fifteenth minutes, Blo R Vecchi sent Zhise hinterland, Adair head directly select the right foot shot, the ball over the crossbar. Subsequently, the two sides launched a fierce fight in the middle. Twenty-sixth minutes, Leah pass jojic, acquaah circle near the foot to the ultra long range long-range, and no threat to handanuoweiqi leipzig. Subsequently, the hinterland of Adair Blo R Vecchi after receiving from right foot shot, but the ball flew directly to the stands. Twenty-seventh minutes, Adair left the ball high breakthrough, Wahl dufay Austria in its shovel, eat a yellow card. Thirty-fourth minutes, the Milan took the lead in passing Banega crotch accurately find Candreva, the top of the ball will be sent to the forbidden area, Sally Hart sent gift, Hart fell to the ground after the skin racket, but the ball hit the oncoming I Karl Di fly to Turin after the net, 1-0! This is the first goal in 7 games icardi. Forty-first minutes, Blo R Vecchi sent precise passes, the left side of the penalty area after icardi ball left foot, with the ball wide of the right post. Forty-fourth minutes after Miranda gave Turin a position with excellent ball, Leah wrote the right direct shot, the ball hit the wall edge pop-up. Complementary time phase相关的主题文章: