Shanghai Disney pass repeated reselling cattle said its employees have been reselling Sohu financial cooperation – Shanghai Disney pass the total investment amounted to 34 billion yuan in Shanghai Disney starts carrying mainland tourists to look forward to, but at the same time due to exposure of the emergence of various problems, Disney has been in Shanghai recently in the teeth of the storm. After less than two months of business visitors exceeded a million, Shanghai Disney also faces many slot point, the fast pass (FASTPASS) become Tucao "disaster", tourists Mr Kim to Beijing Daily reporters reflect Shanghai official Disney free fast pass ticket is hard, and the cattle reselling price up to 100 yuan, want to become a Fantasy line. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters found that the presence of a large number of Taobao Shanghai Disney pass merchants, merchants pointed out that mainly from the hands of the hands of the employees of the acquisition of Disney, and it is difficult for the remediation of the. Tucao reselling fast pass repeated Shanghai Disney in the Chinese theme park market become a major event, but in praise and expectations are at the same time, Shanghai Disney escape the tourist experience. For example, in order to solve the problem of queuing and the establishment of the Disney pass, but now it has become the focus of tourists tucao. Mr. Kim recently visitors to Beijing Daily reporters reflect a few days ago to Shanghai Disney to play, but meet the cattle price of 100 yuan to sell Disney fast pass, and the original permit is provided free of charge by Disney. However, the official free fast pass is difficult to obtain. Mr. Jin reflected into the park after a variety of entertainment projects lined up long, an average of about 2.5 hours, while the temperature in Shanghai is high, so I hope to get a fast pass Shanghai official Disney, however, Mr Kim has never performed in a project to get fast pass. Mr Kim pointed out that the platoon leader, free access is difficult to obtain or bring business opportunities to cattle. In fact, Mr. Kim and Disney is not the first Shanghai tourists Tucao fast pass, after the media exposure, the cattle sold Shanghai Disney fast pass priced as high as 270 yuan, but such a "gold high pass, used only in a project, if you want to use in the other projects, need to re purchase. At the same time, Shanghai Disney fast pass can only be used on 7 projects, but there is no sign of cattle fast pass permits can also be rapid access. Shanghai Disney cattle reselling fast pass not only online, Beijing Daily reporter in the Taobao search "Shanghai Disney fast pass" also found that there are a lot of selling the Shanghai Disney fast pass project, the price to a thousand dollars from hundreds of yuan. One of the shop selling flying · leap horizon fast pass price is 218 yuan, the adventures of Winnie Vigny fast pass price 199 yuan, in addition, these businesses also provide fast pass packages, a full set of a total of 6 projects, the price of 1000 yuan, if the price of 1400 yuan, including tickets. Most while hundreds of thousands of fast pass ticket contains VIP or other related products. group相关的主题文章: