Shanghai released in the spring of 2017 the comprehensive quality of college entrance examination program evaluation as an important reference in the spring of 2017 – exam enrollment take online registration and on-site confirmation form. The online registration and voluntary reporting time: November 22, 2016 10:00-24 16:00 (address: or) test was born in November 22, 2016 -24, through the "Shanghai recruitment hotline" website for online registration and voluntary reporting, each candidate can fill 2 professional volunteer, can be 2 majors at the same school, also can be the 1 different professional school. At the scene confirmed time and place: November 28, 2016 -29, 9:00-11:00, 13:00-15:00. Candidates are required to bring relevant materials for information confirmation procedures in the online registration, of which the city high school graduates to school school for high school graduates to the city residence and domicile to the equivalent candidates (employees where the work unit of the County Office) college enrollment management information confirmation procedures, comply with the conditions of registration non residence in the city high school graduates of the candidates to the admissions office to apply for temporary residence district of university information confirmation procedures. As a result of the winter of 2017 in advance, 2017 spring admissions exam registration, examination and other voluntary reporting time points compared with last year ahead of January 7, 2017, held the city’s unified cultural examination -9, each subject examination time: January 7th 9:00-11:30 January 7th 13: 30-15:30 Chinese mathematics language (including listening) January 8th January 9th 8:00 9:00-11:00 foreign language listening test, every 20 minutes City Board of Education announced the "2017 Shanghai City College spring admissions exam pilot program" yesterday, the spring of 23 pilot universities, enrollment professional colleges and universities of the national specialty or applied undergraduate majors. Since the 2017 winter vacation ahead of the exam enrollment in the spring of 2017 enrollment, examination, voluntary reporting and other nodes in time than in the previous year. Spring exam scores and subjects did not change in the spring of 2017, the college entrance examination subjects did not change, is still a unified culture examination + independent college test, the total score is still 600 points. Among them, the unified culture test subjects for language, mathematics, foreign language three subjects. Among them, the language, mathematics, 150 points for each subject. Foreign language subjects are divided into written examination (including hearing) and listening and speaking test, written examination (including hearing) score of 140 points, I heard the test score of 10 points, total score of 150 points. Foreign language exam is divided into English and Russian languages, Japan, France and Germany, west 6, by 1 students registered for the optional. Independent colleges test score of 150 points, the test content is determined by its own universities and professional schools according to the characteristics of the test subjects for interview skills test, subject to 1, mainly examine the candidates academic expertise, to test the quality and ability of the students. In accordance with the relevant provisions of graduating high school students to obtain political ideology, history, geography, physics, chemistry.相关的主题文章: