Bike sharing: another outlet on the "unicorn" ride to where Qu Lili editor’s note following the live broadcast, sharing bicycles become nowadays the "capital is winter" in another outlet capital favored the unicorn". Public information display, from August 2, 2016 to October 13th 70 days, v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle bicycle sharing conducted 8 financing. According to the statistics of IT oranges, the total amount of the 8 financing up to $500 million, equivalent to more than 3 billion yuan. This does not include the tens of millions of dollars of angel financing and 100 million yuan A round of financing obtained as well as the bright younger generation Xiaoming cycling, established in July 2016, and worship the bicycle to get the tens of millions of angel round of financing. More importantly, in a shared bicycle investment, many Tencent, Didi, Sequoia, Jingwei China and other big figure, and the investment on the market quite eye Hillhouse capital, Huaping investment, venture capital, Jinsha River panda capital, early heart capital and other investment institutions. This can not help but cause people to think: whether the sharing of bicycles can become the next Internet economy tuyere? Billions of capital to enter the red can be held on a tuyere on the unicorn? This business case "Chinese business newspaper" the reporter interviewed by Wang Xiaofeng, founder of v-mobile shared bicycle bike sharing parent fund investors — village Capital Partners Liu Xiaoning, trying to reveal the shared bicycle in positioning, and other aspects of the real intention of capital. First, positioning product logic or operational logic? For shared bikes, it is given the greatest commercial and social value is to change the way people travel, travel to become the last three kilometers of the best solution. As a result, around the last three kilometers of travel problems, shared bicycle entrepreneurs who combined with the problems of urban public bicycle system launched their own shared bicycle system. To share the v-mobile bicycle as an example, it is the first to achieve free parking, no pile, can be borrowed the bike sharing system, and support of this system depends on a bicycle intelligent lock, the lock can realize intelligent vehicle positioning, a series of problems in the background of vehicle data tracking and so on. In order to solve the existing city public car system must be parked that do not match the user requirement and the location problem of the. To solve this pain point, let the v-mobile sharing bicycle in Shanghai first fire up, and quickly expanded to Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places. But the v-mobile shared bicycle also have a lot of problems, is itself a custom car, each car cost 3000 yuan, in addition, such as wear, robbery, man-made damage also has a serious impact on the cost of a bicycle. The village Capital Partners Liu Xiaoning told reporters, "in obtaining financing after the v-mobile challenge is how to shop, to continue to expand the platform to keep costs down." Liu Xiaoning village, village early or parent fund fund managers, fund investment through the village Jinsha River venture capital, matrix partners, panda capital, early heart capital, accurate to capture shared bicycle outlet, covering the v-mobile, indirect ofo, and worship and other hot items. Different from the v-mobile shared bicycle, ofo shared bike from the school to write相关的主题文章: