She was one champion sister unexpectedly falls appearance change now switch to do OL Yang Zi sick pale Asian champion sister unexpectedly broke into the Tencent face entertainment news according to Hongkong media "East network" reported on October 8th, artist Belinda Hamnett and Yan Zifei attended the "NuMe celebrity medical beauty surgery center anniversary celebration in Tongluowan. The 41 year old, has announced a temporary exit entertainment circle Belinda Hamnett in 2010, 8 in the event once again announced will gradually withdraw from the entertainment, engage in a German pharmaceutical company "Practice Development Executive" position. During the visit, when it comes to Belinda Hamnett’s declaration of exit, Belinda Hamnett said: I thought I would be difficult to quit the performing arts industry in the past, will hit you in the street, there are a lot of friends in the circle." But because has worked as a OL for a period of time to mind, but now addicted to medical beauty, so it is difficult to regain their career. Asked whether to do the white rat? Once accepted medical beauty she said: "because the nose will break!" Said the incident makes her nose break know medical beauty can develop into your career. When it comes to her nose, she refers to a half – time operation that has been done so far: "every time an operation is done, it increases the severity of the injury, and the inflammation of the environment." So after the surgery to slowly, and said he is now good physical and psychological.相关的主题文章: