Sheenah and "brother" open grab wheat war   "will" defend Jie brother Song – Jiangxi channel: original title: Sheenah and "brother" open war "to" defend the looting Mai Jie brother song the whole network first file decompression "My ah song variety show 3" on every Thursday 22:30 on-line joy. This program is about to usher in the sun, but very shy "Adorable pet" Wei Daxun handsome appearance, in the face of the five field of a player, Wei Daxun can withstand? Sheenah "angry", why "Yuduo brother Xie Zhuo" microphone? Nana also teased Wei Daxun is tone deaf, hope he can help the selected song to sing, Wei Daxun will not be selected song? Is this the big guest of the program really is a sound? Sheenah and "brother" open war "to" defend the looting Mai Jie brother song in this episode, contestant No. three and Sheenah because it looks very similar, prompting Nana shouted: "this is my long lost brother, through two thousand years I finally found you." After the husband Zhang Jie back, Nana’s "brother" also to cheer. However, the long lost brother, but no good music, Zhang Jie sang the song completely out of tune, "air" Sheenah playing grab wheat, don’t let him continue to sing the songs of Zhang Jie, two people instantly open grab wheat war, continue to struggle. But the "brother" menacing, desperately trying to win over the microphone brother Song Jie, Nana immediately provoked "betray": "this is just one of my friends……" It looks like Nana was defeated in the battle. Even in defeat rob wheat war, Nana has been the most important song "My ah" clown on the stage, but Nana in this program should be openly undercut, show contestant No. five "Jie brother" seems well prepared, Nana shouted: "Madonna directly in the field of your fees? I my song "than 3" more than 2." But Nana is also a direct response: I pick up the purpose of the program is to see whether it is happy, decompression." So it is my song "ah" to attract Xie Nalai oh! Sheenah told Wei Daxun: give me a good singing is a big guest? Wei Daxun, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, as an actor he came to this song "my 3" challenge to distinguish ah tone deaf and song of God, whether success? Just play Wei Daxun was Sheenah doubt is not really can sing, was also very expect big Hoon can select: "because this song can make you sound crazy tapes back." But in the end Wei Daxun chose the songs of the chorus or Zhang Jie’s song, singing before Nana exhort: "give me a good singing." Is Wei Daxun really a music fan? If you choose the music player, this program will allow you to enjoy a different feeling! Looks adorable pet and Sun Wei Daxun is actually a very shy boy brought home, the face of Yuri Huang’s hardbodies program, he is not open, and Yuri Huang shook hands directly when the eyes closed, Sheenah joked: "you how so over?" Terry Chui is a verse: "big brother Hoon today came to our program, like the monk into the plate wire)相关的主题文章: