"Shut up" love open yen value for Zhang Yixing Zheng Xiujing to lead PK and Li Qin: "shut up! Love "tells the story of Zhang Yixing’s China singer Zheng Xiujing played with the Korean dancers, due to different cultural backgrounds, friction also love story, and the beauty of oxygen Li Qin to join, make the film more exciting! (source: PClady). The value depends on the Fuzion "makeup Li Qin’s role is most Kioko, this love can make nothing of it, the color value of Fuzion well-matched in strength, the audience is not only the story, is Yan and makeup! With a preference for fresh and natural temperament, Li Qin and the magic of the crystal show what is the difference? Due to the recent events and the coma hot search distressed Zhang Yixing, 3 seconds, the dense, did not allow the respite schedule make people sigh, or to take care of the body. Li Qin and Zheng Xiujing in the play is destined to have a century of the value of the duel, you guess who has the upper hand? Krystal Soojung makeup is called pseudo makeup perfect textbook, and Korean makeup magic everyone see, no matter how thick makeup, appear like ultra thin! While Soojung favorite white makeup, can quickly fill the pores, but also play the role of oil makeup, light oil and muscle! Wuli show white reflectors into the crystal also do not see the makeup, gap, blue thin, letinous edodes! Don’t say Li Qin is South Korea all exquisite makeup, skin white without any defects to speak of Li Qin is beautiful Da, skin is particularly smooth and compact, but also let the whole face are enveloped in soft luster, gentle and unassuming, with delicate eyes and lips to ornament, makeup is very delicate and beautiful PK ~ PK draw makeup makeup: crystal and Li Qin want to steal the division, to create smooth muscle milk, first before makeup do basic moisturizing base work, then a selection and color similar to the foundation, the foundation huddled in the back of the hand, with finger points in the forehead and cheeks, reoccupy wet sponge or the foundation professional brush face from the center outward evenly, do not let the perfect foundation fit skin can appear makeup feeling very thin. Although Li Qin Li Qin is a new identity in watching the show, is fully deserve "the new black", wearing a colorful dress Li Qin comb pretty high ponytail with collagen, full of the beauty of oxygen! The perfect eye is not enough, need at the outer corner of the eye liner elongated, not only can outline the glasses contour, but also good to ease the eyes, promotes the sweet beauty. Soojung and Soojung appeared on the show, the wind is smooth and clean leather brighten! Show crystal did not choose to stretch out on the outside of the liner, only painted a liner inside, but in the next line on the eye. Close eyelash root draw a line, extending from the end of eye began to move forward, only about 13 of the eyes, then the eyeliner "under the eyelashes, eyeliner and creative ones sent more suction eye, cool Sei Wuli crystal! PK Eyeliner Eyeliner: Eyeliner PK Soojung wins can be divided into three parts to describe, to find out the eye head, eyes and eye end position, mark three, and then from the eye head position.相关的主题文章: