Sichuan 3 year old girl was robbery "reversal: mother identified the burial site that her daughter-in-law surrendered after the news, Qin Dengxian was her mother fainted. Social concern, Sichuan Nanchong 3 year old girl was robbery recently reversed. According to family members revealed that the end of September, the girl’s mother Yang Di (a pseudonym) surrendered to the police, admitted that she buried her daughter, and identify the burial site. Because at present have Yang Di nearly two months pregnant, was released on bail. According to the Beijing News reporter, 22 year old Yang Di was a Grandpa left-behind children, followed by my grandmother grew up, parents working in Guangdong. She gave birth to her daughter, her daughter also left her, and her husband go out to work. Surrendered in May of this year, Nanchong Jialing district police received a report, a mother said he was stunned, 3 year old daughter Li Tong (a pseudonym) was taken away by strangers. After the matter was reported by the media, causing widespread concern in the community. Click to view the media reports "mother knocked 3 year old daughter missing" according to the Yang Di mother said at the time, she said in her grandmother’s house, Nanchong City home Jialing District Yan Village Road generation long walk, a van down a woman by the way on the grounds, and pulling her daughter, then she he was stunned. After waking up, she found her daughter disappeared, then hit 110 alarm. Things reversed yesterday. Yang flute husband’s relatives Li Wen (a pseudonym) revealed that the police have the relevant evidence to mobilize relatives to do the work of Yang flute. September 27th years ago, in the vicinity of a Public Security Bureau in Nanchong, a hotel, Yang flute admitted to the family, her daughter Li Tong was buried by her own. But the daughter of the real cause of death, Yang flute did not disclose to the family. The same day, Li Qiang Yang’s husband to accompany him to the Public Security Bureau surrendered. According to Li Wen, then led the police to find the Yang Di buried location, located in the Yang Di uncle’s room after the mountain. "I didn’t kill the child. I don’t know how the child died." Li Wen said, when the day to explain to the families of the flute, repeatedly stressed that the child is not her death. Yang flute crying to Li Wen, they said, I wash clothes up when the child has no gas, I gave the child to do artificial respiration. Not saved." As for what to do before washing clothes, Yang flute has refused to disclose the relatives. The child buried in a cypress tree near the top of the pit. Li Wen said, Yang Di later shovel topsoil fills in the pit, from the outside can not see traces of. Yesterday, the Nanchong Jialing District Public Security Bureau Political Department staff said that the current case is still in the investigation, the specific circumstances inconvenient to disclose. He said that the police will in the end of the month held a press conference to explain the case. Premature and left behind flute 22 years old. 4 years ago, in September 2012, the age of 18 Yang flute pregnant daughter Li Tong. Li Tong is a premature infant, and Yang flute in the three months after her birth, and her husband,, south of Guangdong. Li Tong was raised by grandparents. Due to premature birth, Li Tong is not good, one year old before eating expensive baby milk powder. Yang flute husband’s relatives, said Li Wen, every month she sent the milk powder on time. Only this one, the monthly cost of more than two thousand yuan, while Li Qiang and Yang Diwei to send money back. Li Qiang, both of them earn money outside of work, Li Tong is grandparents and aunt aunt father raised." Li Qiang’s sister Li Yunbo相关的主题文章: