Pull the global partnership in the context of economic change: Chinese bring new opportunities in Latin America Beijing China News Agency, Tangshan, October 14 (Li Qian Liu Yuying Yang Mengjie) tenth Chinese – Latin American Entrepreneur Summit 14 in Hebei Province, Tangshan City opening, first plenary meeting to discuss the global background Chinese – Latin American partnership. This summit focuses on the new areas of Sino Latin American trade and investment under the background of China’s economic development entering the new normal and the slowdown of economic growth in Latin America, and the new model of enterprise cooperation and the new contents of business associations’ services. The opening of the first plenary meeting of the global context Chinese – Latin American partnership: Chinese and Latin American countries should make full use of both complementary advantages, vigorously develop the real economy. China has cheap equipment and technology, Latin American countries urgently need to upgrade infrastructure and industry, and now is a good opportunity for Sino Latin American capacity cooperation. Alexander, the country affairs vice president of the Inter American Development Bank, Rosa, as the moderator of the conference, said that Latin American economies were greatly influenced by China, and China’s strategic policies also promoted investment in Latin American countries. China’s savings are very large, and Latin America has also enjoyed tremendous growth in savings. Under this new situation and new framework, China and Latin America have great potential for cooperation and development. Uruguay’s Foreign Minister Jean Rudolf Nin noboa?? that the economy in Latin America and China in recent years has experienced important changes in the economy, is the poverty population decline, more and more people join the ranks of the middle class. China thirteen five plan proposed service industry, science and technology, network, information technology and consumption as a new engine of economic growth. There is no doubt that this will be a great boost to the technological composition of China’s economy. In the next five years, these changes in China’s economy will bring huge opportunities for development, which they should make good use of. Vice president of China Communications Construction Co grandson parity, Latin America is the distance China farthest from the mainland, but the most abundant, Latin American and the group cooperation is the content of the most complete varieties, the most closely related, the group entered the Latin American 30 years. Only in the past seven years, the group in Argentina has successfully established in the Expo park. Today, more than 5000 vehicles of various gauge, a variety of models, all kinds of products in Argentina Zhongche Benz pampas. Deputy Minister of the Brazil Department of budget and management planning, Jorge said Chinese arbache?, the change is very complex, but also because of Chinese change, they now see great changes have happened in the global arena, innovation will play an increasingly important role in product trade, they can not rely on light to reduce costs, in order to benefit from this change if they want to work together and China enterprises and China bank, with their favorable conditions, to create more of the fruits of cooperation, he believes that the prospects are very broad. (end)

全球背景下中拉伙伴关系:中国经济变革带给拉美新机遇-中新网   中新社唐山10月14日电 (李茜 刘育英 杨梦洁)第十届中国―拉美企业家高峰会14日在河北省唐山市开幕,首场全体会议探讨全球背景下中国―拉美伙伴关系。   本届高峰会着重探讨在中国经济发展进入新常态、拉美各国经济增长减速背景下的中拉贸易投资新领域、企业合作新模式和商协会服务新内容。   开幕后首个全体会议探讨全球背景下中国―拉美伙伴关系:中国和拉美国家应充分利用双方优势互补的特性,大力发展实体经济。中国拥有物美价优的设备和技术,拉美国家亟待提升基础设施和产业,目前是中拉产能合作的大好时机。   美洲开发银行国别事务副行长亚历山大?梅拉?德罗萨作为该场全体会议的主持人表示,拉美国家的经济受到了中国的巨大影响,中国战略性的政策也促进在拉美国家的投资。中国的储蓄额非常巨大,拉美国家在储蓄额方面也有了巨大的增长,在这种新形势、新框架之下,中国-拉美之间有着巨大的合作和发展潜力。   乌拉圭外交部长尼恩鲁道夫?尼恩?诺沃亚认为,拉美和中国的经济都在近些年经历了重要的经济变化,就是贫困人口下降,越来越多的人加入到中产阶级这个行列。中国“十三五”规划提出了服务业、科技、网络、信息技术和消费作为新的经济增长的引擎。毫无疑问,这将会对中国经济的技术成分起到巨大的助推作用。未来五年,中国经济的这些变革将会为他们带来巨大的发展机遇,这是他们要利用好的。   中国交通建设股份有限公司副总裁孙子宇称,拉美是距离中国最远的大陆,但是拉美和该集团的合作关系却是内容最丰富、品种最齐全、关系最密切,该集团进入拉美30多年。仅在过去七年,该集团就在阿根廷从无到有,成功建立了中车的博览园。如今,超过5000辆的各种轨距、各种车型、各种用途的中车产品奔驰在阿根廷的潘帕斯草原上。   巴西规划、预算和管理部副部长豪尔赫?阿巴契称,中国的变革是非常复杂的,也因为中国的变革,他们现在看到了在全球舞台上都发生了巨大的变化,创新会在产品的贸易中发挥越来越多的作用,他们不能够光依靠于降低成本了,要想从这样的变革中获益的话,他们要和中国的企业以及中国银行一起合作,利用自己的有利条件,创造出更多的合作成果,他认为前景是非常广阔的。(完)相关的主题文章: