The reform of the top-level design for a full year: plans for the reform of state-owned assets management system of forming high Jianghong newspaper reporter Intern Wang Lin Beijing reported SOE reform trend gradually in September 13th last year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a "guidance" on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, has been the first anniversary. Followed by the orderly reform of state-owned enterprises, 18 supporting documents have been introduced to refine the task, the central enterprises and local pilot to effectively promote, and achieved some success. Progress in many aspects such as the reform of state-owned enterprises, 17 provinces to carry out classification work, national state-owned enterprises have more than 80% stake in the central enterprises, provincial enterprises in diversified ratio has reached 67.7%. State owned enterprises to reform the construction plan is gradually clear, the reform was significantly accelerated, and achieved no small results, but the reporter interviewed enterprises and experts believe that there are many state-owned enterprises to accelerate the reform of space. Review twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that the current reform of state-owned assets management system has also been formed, is the central enterprises and local state-owned assets to solicit opinions, according to the draft, the SASAC will system than in the past has been greatly adjusted, the autonomy of force will also give enterprises greater. SASAC insiders said that some of the State Council SASAC adjustments have begun to move up. Material plan to go through the comments section, and after the adjustment will be open soon. In September 13th last year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the "guiding opinions"), which has been one year old. "In the past year, all localities and departments at all levels and the state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises to promote the reform of the work, and made important progress." Peng Huagang, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, twenty-first Century, said in an interview with the economic news reported on September 13th. At the same time, supervision has improved this year, SASAC will 18 powers granted to the state-owned operating company capital investment COFCO, the country voted the board of directors. Reporters also learned from the SASAC, the current state-owned assets management system reform program has been released, is the major central enterprises and local comments, will soon be officially announced. Since the reform of state-owned enterprises construction plans to gradually clear from the "guidance", the reform of state-owned enterprises significantly accelerate the speed, Peng Huagang said, has formulated the 18 supporting documents, the "1+N" file system of continuous improvement, pointed out the direction for the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new period, established the principle of clear path, materialized the measures". Peng Huagang disclosed that over the past year, the provinces and municipalities, municipalities, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the national central enterprises, have set up a reform of the leadership. Combined with their own reality, strengthen top-level structural design, the introduction of a total of 394 state-owned enterprise reform document. SOE reform roadmap and construction plans gradually clear. The reform of state-owned enterprises is also one of the key difficulties. To promote the ten reform by speeding up, the 21 pilot enterprises and 5 pilot provinces and cities in the list, some of the effectiveness of the pilot has gradually emerged, the country started a total of 147 state owned enterprise reform, the existing 50 pilot achieved initial results. In addition, 17 provinces and cities to carry out the classification of the national state-owned enterprise restructuring has more than 80%,.相关的主题文章: