SONY announced two new mobile phone: Yen value waterproof camera these advantages are still on the map for Xperia XZ Xperia X Compact is lower, the Sina mobile phone news on September 2nd morning news, Berlin in Germany, IFA 2016 conference, Sony Corp launched two new mobile phone Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact: a flagship, a small screen the fresh appearance of mobile phone. Xperia XZ:2300 megapixel rear camera Xperia XZ is SONY’s flagship mobile phone products, back with lithium magnesium Aluminum Alloy cover, supports IP68 grade waterproof capability, the fingerprint identification device on the side of the fuselage. But it is not only the screen, 5.2 inches 1080p resolution, equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, 3GB RAM collocation and 32GB storage space body, support Micro SD card expansion, the battery capacity of 2900 Ma, the interface for USB Type-C. The appearance of this phone is the shadow of the previous SONY products, compared to the founder, the body of the straight line and arc side as if there is a shadow of the NOKIA Lumia phone, before Xperia X and X Performance also has a similar design. More prominent is the camera, respectively, before and after the 13 million pixels +2300 pixels, the main camera joined the laser focus module, and added a RGB IR sensor, can enhance the camera effect. In addition, the camera time to support the electronic five axis anti shake. Xperia X Compact: small and medium end products SONY will often release some of the end of the Compact screen phone, X Compact is the latest product. The overall appearance of the product small fresh style, the back of the plastic material, colorful body collocation 4.6 inch screen like a candy box, in the big screen for the beauty of the mobile phone is very delicate. But it’s the general configuration, the screen resolution is only 720P, equipped Xiaolong 650 processor, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, the main camera is 23 million pixels. Pre 5 million pixels, the battery capacity of 2700 Ma, Type-C interface. Sina commented: "SONY Dafa" belief is still in, especially the aspect of design, the two mobile phone very recognition, and in this time can maintain the waterproof ability of body design. The two products were listed in September and October, currently not yet announced prices, but compared to the domestic manufacturers, SONY products are not always cheap. (Xiao Guang)      相关的主题文章: